How to be energetic while fasting? Foods that increase the energy of the body…

While fasting, the energy level of the body decreases after certain hours of the day due to hunger and thirst. The decrease in energy negatively affects the quality of life. One of the ways to prevent this situation, which is especially negative for employees, is to eat healthy at sahur. How to stay energetic while fasting? Foods that increase the energy of the body…

The month of Ramadan can be challenging, especially for working people. Long-term hunger and thirst affect many conditions, from lack of attention to physical performance. Since the deformation of the nervous system increases stress and depression, it is seen in irritability along with a decrease in energy. This can lead to negative emotional states. In addition, sudden decrease in blood pressure, decrease in sugar, imbalance in blood pressure, especially negative conditions in cardiovascular health occur when iftar is made after a decrease in energy throughout the day. In order to have a better quality of fasting, the body needs to consume some nutrients in the sahur.

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  • The diet, which falls into two meals in Ramadan, affects the health status considerably. Therefore, the fasting person should get up for sahur to be fed adequately. Light foods should be preferred in iftar and sitting at the table for a long time should be avoided.
  • In the sahur, the food should be eaten for at least one and a half hours by feeding mainly on fruits and vegetables.
  • Since syrupy and fatty desserts will cause health problems such as weight, the need for dessert after iftar should be met by choosing light foods such as ice cream.

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  • consumed in sahur; Foods such as molasses, tahini and yoghurt keep you energetic throughout the day.
  • Insomnia may occur due to hunger. To prevent this situation, sleeping for at least 1 hour while fasting increases body resistance.
  • At least 2 more meals should be made between iftar and sahur. In order not to lose fluid during the day, two glasses of natural mineral water should be consumed one hour after iftar.
  • In order not to experience psychological conditions such as stress, nervousness and tension during fasting, it is beneficial to consume chocolate in the sahur.

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