How should we protect ourselves from coronavirus? Osman Müftüoğlu: Antioxidant champion foods

Emphasizing that vaccination is the only solution to get comfortable and healthy days in the old days, Osman Müftüoğlu talked about ways to keep the immune system alive and important points about nutrition.

Writer Osman Müftoğlu, one of the names in the column of Hürriyet Newspaper. ‘Let’s not leave the end of the rope’The article titled is in the details of the news…

prof. Dr. Osman Müftüoğlu’s column:

Being and staying healthy is not a choice, it’s a necessity. What is our mind that we trust so much? “state of being healthy” Unfortunately, he does not know the value of, or rather he cannot realize it. We understand the value of health only when we are sick. On the other hand, let’s know that there is good news from the pandemic process. Thankfully, the end of the road is approaching in the pandemic. The light that appears at the end of the tunnel is no longer the light of a dangerous train speeding towards us. This light is definitely a sign that the good old days will come back again. It is “VATE LIGHT”. And again, let’s know that it is that light, the vaccine light, that will end the epidemic, put the last point, throw a huge cross on it, that is, that will blow the final whistle of the war we are waging against the pandemic. The summary is this: ONE, don’t be afraid of vaccines. TWO, ​​don’t let go of the rope until herd immunity is achieved.


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IMMUNITY our system is one of our most important health treasures, perhaps the first. Protecting that system is the most important task and problem of today. However, in the last few days, that system has started to sound an alarm for all of us, unfortunately. He’s alarming because he’s just as tired as we are. He’s alarmed because he’s just as confused as we are. In short, we are in an extremely sensitive time period in terms of immunity. Please never make these 4 mistakes -especially these days- in order not to tire that system even more and weaken it further:

1- DON’T SLEEPLESS: Shortening of sleep time and disruption of sleep rhythm is one of the most important enemies of immunity. The insomnia pandemic is the most important health threat of our time. Pay special attention to the issue of sleep.

2- STOP LAZY: A sedentary life can also weaken our immunity. On the contrary, “regular exercise habit” seems like a natural medicine to him. Absolutely, absolutely, every day, every day, walk, walk, walk.

3- DO NOT BLACK YOUR NECK: Uncertainty exhausted us all. Anxiety has descended upon us all. On the other hand, intense stress, sadness, anxiety, and deep and prolonged fatigue have badly disturbed the balance of our immunity. But let’s not get carried away, let’s look to the future with hope.

4- DON’T EAT EVERYTHING:It is also an important detail that we stay away from overloading sugar, fries and foods with high calorie value.


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ORAC (Oxygen radical absorption capacity) One of the most important nutritional factors determining the antioxidant power of a food. Considering this capacity, the following are the first foods with high antioxidant power:

1- prunes: ORAC score is 5500! Consume 2 prunes every evening.

2- RAISES: ORAC score 2500! Eat 5-6 black grapes with seeds every morning.

3- STRAWBERRY: ORAC score 1500! A delicious, affordable, nutritious alternative this season.

4- Spinach: ORAC score 1250! An excellent antioxidant bomb that you can find anywhere, anytime.

5- Cabbage and Cauliflower: The ORAC score is 900! Two powerful calcium bombs with anti-cancer abilities in the antioxidant shop.


First, let’s remind this information once again: Fruits are the most valuable nutrients. They have only one flaw: Some may contain too much sugar, fructose. That excess fructose can also trigger some health problems in some people. For this reason, it is an important detail to be moderate in fruit consumption, to stay reasonable, and to know how to let it go. There are also those who need to eat less fruit. Who are they?

ONE – Diabetics

TWO – Those with high uric acid

THREE – Those with high triglyceride levels

FOUR – Those with fatty liver

FIVE – Insulin resistance determined


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OMEGA 3 deficiency is one of our most common nutritional problems. As it is known, when our Omega 3 reserves decrease, our health risks increase, vascular problems and immune problems begin to emerge. Our memory weakens, our joints become lean, our vision weakens. For this reason, we need to keep track of Omega 3 levels as well as vitamins D and B12. Well, is it possible? Possible! You can also measure the level of Omega 3 in your blood with a blood test. The reliability of this test, called the “OMEGA 3 INDEX TEST”, is also very high. A measurement result above 8 means you have sufficient Omega 3 reserves. If it drops below 4, it shows that you are pushing your risks. Let us remind you that the test is quite expensive and can only be done in some private laboratories.


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According to SCIENTIFIC studies, pistachio has such an ingenuity. As it is known, pistachio is a very rich food in “gamma tocopherol”, which is a special form of vitamin E. In a study conducted at the famous medical center MD Anderson Cancer Center (USA), it was shown that pistachio can also help us in “protection from lung cancer” thanks to its high gamma tocopherol content. It is also thought that gamma tocopherol may work in “protection from prostate cancer”. Keep this information in mind when making your nut choices.


A:Your weight control becomes easier.

TWO:Your immunity is strengthened.

THREE:Your anti-cancer protection is increased.

FOUR:Your blood pressure and sugar adjustment becomes easier.

FIVE:Your blood fats are balanced.

SIX:You will not have constipation problem.

SEVEN:Your risk of osteoporosis is reduced.

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