How resilient are you to stress?

Stress, which reached dangerous levels with the increase of the metropolitan and industrial system, is now considered a disease in itself. When not intervened in time, it brings different psychological problems. Experts recommend that people turn to different alternatives so that they do not experience stress during the day.

Hürriyet columnist Osman Müftüoğlu brought the stress that reduces the quality of life to its current corner. Müftüoğlu, who has prepared a small test on how resistant we are against stress, which has a strong risk of living together with the increasing diseases and economic depressions especially in recent years, gave his results at the end of the article.

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Questions and answers prepared by Müftüoğlu with the analogy of whether the power of resisting stress is Teflon or sponge:

one.I spend most of my time with my family and friends.

2.I constantly reward myself with adequate rest intervals, short and enjoyable vacations, a healthy diet and regular exercise, and carefully monitor my physical and mental health.

3. I am important, useful, effective and loved! My life has meaning and purpose.

4.I have a regular and balanced life.

5.I know very well how to behave at home, how to separate work from home.

6.I have created a very good balance between the two.

7.I am very satisfied with my job, my days are productive, full and satisfying.

8 . I can spare enough time for myself, my friends and family.

9.I know enough about how to handle stressful situations.

10.I see some changes in my life as a natural and integral part of growing old and mature.

11th.Whatever it is, I can get over it somehow and to some extent.

12.I am fully responsible for my performance and results in my job.

13.I leave the negative consequences arising from this responsibility at my workplace.

14.I am able to handle some unexpected changes that I come across and I am not afraid to stop and step back when something goes wrong.

15.I am a popular person in society because of my active and extroverted nature.


Never:1 point

Rarely:2 points

Sometimes:3 points

Often:4 points

Always:5 points


12-24 points: You are at a very low level of flexibility. You take on every stress in your environment, whether it concerns you or not, and you cannot get rid of its influence. There’s no need to live life so angular. It is useful to get help from an expert without waiting, you are a complete stress sponge.

25-36 points: Attention! You have a slight level of flexibility. Be careful.

49-60 points: You have a high level of flexibility. You are probably a Teflon. The things that can cause stress in your life are very little, or even if they do not affect you much.

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