How often should an eye examination be done? Don’t expect to be sick!

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Saying that eye examination should be done once a year for the health of our eyes, which provide the ability to see, which has an important task among the sense organs, Dünyagöz Etiler’s Op. Dr. Fevzi Akkan shares important information about the benefits of regular eye examinations and the consequences that may occur when neglected. To protect eye health

The eyes, which have the greatest importance among all sense organs, are the most important tools we use to perceive the environment. Stating that the eyes, which are responsible for 80% of the interactions with the environment, can be protected with regular eye examinations.

Don’t Wait For Something To Happen For Inspection!

Our eyes are the organs that play the biggest role in perceiving the world around us, even if we are not aware of it. All the diseases that may occur in the eyes that are not diagnosed and treated in a timely manner cause disruptions in daily functions, as well as result in consequences that can seriously affect the quality of life. Unfortunately, eye exams often don’t come to mind until a person’s quality of life begins to be affected.

Many eye problems that go unnoticed seriously threaten the ability to see.Especially against diseases that have the potential to occur in everyone such as glaucoma and whose symptoms are difficult to detect until advanced levels, regular eye examinations are of great importance in terms of maintaining the ability to see.

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Vision Loss Is Among The Number One Causes Of Blindness!

If the necessary precautions are not taken, there are many serious diseases that threaten the eyes and vision. All over the world, the most important causes of vision loss are refractive errors, which are not intervened in a timely manner, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. In order to prevent the negative effects of all these disorders on vision, regular eye examinations and early diagnosis and intervention are required.The only precaution for the prevention of diseases such as glaucoma, whose symptoms can be noticed only after they have progressed to a certain level, is to carry out periodic examinations at least once a year.

Attention to Vision Loss!

Vision problems especially for children, regular users, elderly citizens and employees are of great importance. Vision loss and problems in childhood can be the root cause of academic failure, behavioral disorders and serious problems that can lead to a troubled adult life.

In addition to the damage it causes to the quality of life, vision problems can cause serious economic losses directly in the workforce and indirectly in the elderly citizens.For all these reasons, we invite everyone to perform regular eye examinations and ensure their eye health.

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