How many days does the coronavirus pass? What are the day-to-day coronavirus symptoms?

The symptoms of coronavirus, which has been affecting the whole world for about 9 months, have changed considerably compared to the first day. Of the new symptoms, which strengthened the claims that the virus had mutated, back pain was the most intense. The World Health Organization listed the changing symptoms in patients yesterday. In addition, one of the most curious questions is “How many days does the coronavirus pass?” it happened. Here are the frequently asked questions and their answers:

The virus, which causes serious symptoms in the human body, especially in the respiratory tract, continues to maintain its effect throughout the country, known to cause dry cough and high fever. However, there are many different symptoms of the covid-19 virus. On the other hand, according to experts, it is of great importance to know the symptoms of this disease during the epidemic process and to notice the symptoms in one’s own body and take precautions accordingly. In the coronavirus epidemic, which is also seen in our country, experts warn citizens against the symptoms of this epidemic at every opportunity. With the increasing number of cases in our country, it is of great importance for citizens to have information about the symptoms of corona virus and to be able to notice the symptoms in their own body. In the researches carried out on the subject around the world, the symptoms of the epidemic in the human body were listed day by day.

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1-3. day

Symptoms similar to cold and flu occur.

Mild fever and sore throat may occur.

Nausea and diarrhea may occur if the immune system is weak.

4 days

Sore throat worsens.

The sound becomes muffled.

Eating and drinking may be difficult.

Diarrhea begins with mild headache.

5 days

Sore throat worsens.

Eating and drinking becomes quite painful.

It becomes painful to move the body and limbs.

Joint pain is seen.

6 days

Dry cough begins.

Sore throat worsens when swallowing while talking.

Severe fatigue begins. Nausea increases.

Sometimes there is difficulty in breathing.

Diarrhea and vomiting worsen.

7 days

Fever rises to 38 degrees.

Cough and sputum become very severe.

Vomiting becomes very severe with body and headaches.

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8th day

It becomes very difficult to breathe.

The chest area feels very heavy.

Head and joint pains increase with coughing.

Body temperature rises above 38 degrees.

day 9

All symptoms increase in intensity.

Blushing is seen on the face or lips.

Cough and sputum become very severe.

Vomiting becomes very severe with body and headaches.

If you have these symptoms, seek medical help immediately.


For those who do not have a serious illness, the coronavirus passes in an average of 15 days. However, the underlying chronic illness and weakened immune system prolong the disease process. As the underlying disease reduces the body’s resistance, its fight against the virus decreases. Emphasizing that the period may be 15 days for those who receive treatment at home, the experts reminded that good nutrition and plenty of water will enable them to get through the process more healthily.

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The effects of the virus vary according to the patient’s immune system. Experts say that in some people, it is mild without experiencing severe symptoms. He states that drug therapy is provided in this. However, especially those with weak immunity Vitamin C and D deficiency It progresses severely in people with For this, fluid support is provided at the beginning of the treatment. Because the corona virus causes rapid loss of fluid in the body. The fire is lowered. At the same time, high doses of painkillers are given for pain. Experts say rest is very important. It is also stated that it is healthier to stay away from areas where the virus is common. .

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