How many days does menstrual bleeding occur? Is it okay to enter the sea or pool while menstruating?

The uterus, which is active in every woman as of puberty, prepares for the birth process. However, when there is no interaction in this process, it leads to bleeding. This process is called the menstrual period. We searched for those who wonder about menstruation, which brings hormonal problems with it. Especially in these months, the most curious thing is, is it possible to swim in the pool and sea while menstruating? So, how many days is the menstrual bleeding at the most? Here are the answers to the questions:

The uterus, which is the reproductive organ in the female body, usually becomes active after the age of 12 or 13. The uterus prepares for conception each month. In this process, the ovaries are renewed. However, since there is no interaction, the uterus causes bleeding to renew itself, accompanied by some complications. This is an important process for women’s health. The first days of this process, which also concerns the hormonal structure, are quite painful. This process, which takes place at different times in each woman, also causes day differences. It may take 5 days for some, 7 days or even 9 days for others. In the same way, a woman may have a menstrual period for 7 days in a month, while she may experience this process in 5 days in the next month. This process, which is congenital in most women, stops with menopause. This is usually seen at the age of 45 and above. According to experts, a normal period is between 3 and 7 days.

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One of the most curious subjects, how many days the period lasts, is a question that almost every doctor hears from his patient. However, the answer to this question is not clear. The reason for this is hormonal disorder, egg process, uterine wall, cysts formed in the uterus, cancer that can be seen as a result of mutation of the cells in the uterus, the structure of the muscle system surrounding the uterus and the secretion of thyroid hormone affect the menstrual bleeding and its process. Experts, who stated that menstrual bleeding, which was determined to last for a maximum of 9 days in the researches, is not caused by any serious health problem, however, it is recommended to consult a specialist in case of a negative problem.

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Another curious subject is the question of whether it is possible to enter the sea or the pool while menstruating. Experts emphasize that it is not appropriate to enter this process because it causes severe pain. However, it also underlines that it can be entered after the first 3 or 4 days. Experts remind that this process can be dangerous, as there is a high probability of infection. Since the vagina is likely to be infected with germs or bacteria, experts do not consider it appropriate to enter it unless it is very necessary. The microbe that can progress to the uterus negatively affects the possibility of conception. It also causes more severe aches and pains on other days.

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