How is the tampon placed?

My friend Duygu used tampons during her menstrual period and recommended it to me. My first question to him was, ” How is the tampon placed, is it comfortable to use the tampon? ” was in the form. For those who are wondering like me, I am sharing information about the use of tampons.

I’m telling you what’s curious about the use of tampons

I learned to insert tampons easily. During my menstrual periods, I feel cleaner, more comfortable and safe than ever before. I suggest you use tampons.

1. How is the tampon placed?

xvajinal tampon.jpg.pagespeed.ic. Qsa OvN2EThere is a technique for inserting tampons.

The most comfortable position for using tampons is to squat down, so the entrance to the vagina opens well and I can easily insert the tampon inside. There are two types of tampons: the first is used by pushing like a syringe, and the other is the classic tampon that is inserted manually. I mostly use conventional tampons.

I take off the plastic protective tape on the outside of the bumper. I squat with my legs wide apart and push the bumper in with my fingertip. It is necessary to place the tampon inside so that you cannot feel it. Make sure the string stays out.

2. Why am I using tampons?

xkadin kopek.jpg.pagespeed.ic.x7JGvpu2zI am very happy with using tampons.

I know tampons are not very common in our country, but once you give them a try, you won’t give up. Because there is no leakage, no smell, no obvious clothing, easy to carry, no itching or irritation… Using tampons, swimming in the pool or the sea during menstruation, wearing evening dresses is really a great comfort.

3. Is it harmful to use tampons?

It is necessary to pay attention to some tricks.

Every two hours, it is necessary to remove the old one and insert a new tampon. In this way, we can maintain the health and cleanliness of the vagina. However, if there are diseases such as discharge or fungus in the genital area, the use of tampons may not be suitable for you.

4. Does the tampon break the hymen?

Vaginal tampons are not suitable for virgins.

Since the tampon is placed inside the vagina, it disrupts the hymen. For this reason, if you are a virgin, never use tampons. It is convenient for you to use sanitary pads during menstrual periods. You can use tampons after you start having sexual intercourse.

5. How to choose a buffer?

You can choose the bumper that suits you best.

You can start using the most suitable tampon according to the intensity of your menstrual period and the size of your vagina, and you can start to experience the comfort of tampons on menstrual days. Moreover, the bumper takes up little space in your bag and you can easily take it anywhere; invisible from the corner of the bag.

You may feel a little uncomfortable in the first days of using tampons, this is very normal. When you get used to placing the tampon correctly, you will even forget that you are on your period. When you are going to wear an evening dress or white trousers, “Oh wow, will it be obvious that I use pads?” You will not have such worries.

6. Is it healthy to use tampons?

You should pay attention to the way of placing the tampon.
  • It does not smell, you will be comfortable.
  • It does not leak, your clothes do not get dirty.
  • You can swim in the pool and the sea.
  • It does not cause allergies, itching or acne.
  • Strongly draws dirty blood.
  • It is easy to carry around and throw away.
  • It is not visible from evening dresses or light-colored clothes.
  • If you want to have waxing while you are menstruating, you can put on a tampon and have it done because it stops the blood flow.

The most frequently asked questions about tampons

Using tampons makes me feel very comfortable.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no problem in urination when using tampons. Because the urinary hole and the place where the menstrual blood comes from are different. The use of tampons allows for swimming, dancing and strenuous sporting activities.

By preventing the odor that occurs during menstruation, it allows women to spend this period comfortably. Never use tampons due to discharge or any physiological reason other than the menstrual period. In long-term use (6-8 hours), it may cause toxic shock syndrome, especially in hot weather. For this, remove your tampon before the time extends.

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