How is the plague disease transmitted? What are the symptoms of plague disease? The cure of the plague.

Plague, a serious bacterial infection, has resurfaced recently. The plague, which appeared centuries ago and caused the death of billions of people, had almost begun to disappear for a long time. The plague, which is a contagious disease, first appeared in the Asian continent and spread through migration. So what is the plague disease and how is it transmitted? What are the symptoms of plague disease? The cure of the plague.

Yersinia pestis The disease caused by the bacterium named plague is called plague. Although it originated in Asia, the most affected continent was Europe. This disease, which has existed since ancient times, was called the Black Death. In 1347, it caused the death of 40 percent of the European population. Studies have shown that the disease is transmitted from mice to humans. However, it is not precise information. The treatment of the disease was found centuries later. In the Middle Ages, these patients were called zombies because of the defect in the bone and skin structure of infected people. Bacteria that love dirty environments can increase rapidly with unhealthy nutrition. Since it is transmitted by fleas as well as mice, it can be passed from animal to person from person to person. Mouse deaths increased in the years prior to the outbreak. The plague, which originated in Asia and destroyed Europe, is still seen in Africa today. The plague, which started to decrease with the developing technology, became widespread in our country during the Ottoman Empire. It was seen in Istanbul and some cities among the caravans coming from Asia with the Silk Road trade, which was frequently used in this period.

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Bacterium; it is transmitted to rabbits, mice, dogs and ground squirrels by flea bites. Bacteria causes not only internal organs, but also bone structure and skin surface disorders. It is also transmitted to humans in environments where these animals share with humans. It spreads through air and contact. At the same time, these fleas can directly bite people.

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In places where fleas bite, red spots and rashes occur. After the bacteria is injected into the body, it first causes joint pain. After that y high fever, vomiting, intestinal upset, weight loss and chills continues with. The indicator of progress is blood coming from the nose. In addition, as the virus progresses on the skin bitten by fleas, it causes serious deformations. distorting the view skin rot it occurs. In the inner part of the body, since it settles in the lymph nodes, swelling occurs and reduces the functional potential of other organs.

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The symptoms are the same as those of other diseases. However, the intensity is slightly higher. In the first years, it caused deaths because there was no specific treatment method. But now, thanks to powerful antibiotics, the disease has almost disappeared. In the disease where no operation is possible, only the resistance of the bacteria that has settled in the body is tried to be broken. In addition, the importance of early diagnosis is to prevent permanent damage.

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It is necessary to stay away from the places where the disease is seen. Environmental cleanliness is almost the enemy of this disease. In addition, sun rays destroy bacteria. That’s why bacteria appear first in cold weather. It is necessary to walk around the places where the plague is located with a hat, gloves and mask. Since bacteria can survive even after the person dies, it becomes calcified during burial. Or medicated. This reduces its prevalence. Infected fleas are eliminated by spraying in the area that is constantly present. Another way of protection is vaccination. Experts emphasize that people in villages should be careful when collecting bushes, stones and wood, otherwise they may come across flea nests.

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