How is the jaw broken? What are the symptoms of a broken jaw? Is there a cure for a broken jaw?

Jaw fracture, which may occur during activities such as chewing, eating and speaking, is a serious functional problem. It needs to be cured with early intervention and correct treatment. Jaw fracture caused by traumatic situations causes damage to other lines of the face. How is the jaw broken? What are the symptoms of a broken jaw? Is there a treatment for a broken jaw?

The jaw, which is located at the bottom of the head and moves with the muscles, allows the mouth to move. The upper part of the chin is fixed and the lower part is a movable structure. It can take damage very quickly in trauma situations. The lower jaw bone is referred to as the mandible in the scientific literature. The jawbone, which is the most active structure in facial movements, can be damaged in situations such as chewing, laughing, traffic accidents, and impacts. It leads to risky situations such as protrusion or deformation as well as fracture. It should be tied to the broken jawbone from the bottom of the head with the help of a towel and taken to a doctor immediately. Ten times the pain experienced in a normal bone fracture. It should be intervened very urgently as it adversely affects nutrition.


Strong pull on moving the mouth

hypersensitivity of teeth

numbness in the lower part of the head

Pain that extends from the neck to the bones at the top of the head

Facial collapse and distortion

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jaw fracture is a condition that requires early intervention


A sudden blow will cause breakage. In addition, traffic is the most common situation in bicycle motor accidents. Rarely, it can happen while eating or chewing gum. It also occurs in people who try to crack the shells of nuts such as hazelnuts or walnuts with the help of their teeth.

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jaw fracture causes facial disfigurement


After the symptoms, the patient should be seen by a doctor immediately. The x-ray specialist tries to determine whether the jaw is broken or displaced. Broken bone treatment is pain. It is tied with a tool that is taken from the lower part of the head to the upper part. It is not cast as other fractures. Therefore, the aperitif worn for the immobility of this area is quite hard. The broken bone is placed in place by surgery. Then, cold gels are kept in the area for a long time. Antibiotics are given as medicine.

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jaw fracture affects other facial organs as well


After a while, the person finds it difficult to eat. Gradually, the jaw clings to the area where it is broken, which causes facial deformity. Over time, dental problems, speech disorders and disruption of the facial nervous system are experienced. The person gradually loses the connection of organs such as eyelids and lips.

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