How is lymphoma treated?

Hematology Specialist Prof. Dr. Mustafa Çetiner draws attention to the fact that lymphoma is now among the treatable diseases, except for some types that are rarely seen today. prof. Dr. Mustafa Çetiner shares new developments about lymphoma treatment with readers, stating that while lymphoma was a type of cancer that could only be treated with chemotherapy until the 2000s, targeted smart drugs are breaking new ground in treatment today.

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Lymphocytes, which are an important part of our immune system, are an important part of our immune system. However, while our lymph nodes protect our body against diseases, in some cases, they can turn into cancer. Cancers that develop in the lymph system are also called “lymphoma”.

When lymphoma is mentioned, only one type of cancer comes to mind. Hematology Specialist Prof. Dr. Mustafa Çetiner continues his words by pointing out that there are actually many types of lymphoma and that each of them can almost act as if it is another disease.

Apart from some rare types, lymphoma is a treatable type of cancer

Since there is a belief in the society that lymphoma cannot be cured, even hearing its name is enough to frighten people. Hematology Specialist Prof. Dr. Mustafa Çetiner points out that, contrary to popular belief, lymphoma is among the treatable diseases today, except for some rare types.

The rate of progression of lymphoma varies according to its type

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“Lymphoma is primarily divided into 2 main groups as Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin . Non-Hodgkin lymphoma basically; It is divided into 3 main groups as very fast, medium speed or very slow progressing. Therefore, since some types of lymphomas have an aggressive course, treatment should be started as soon as possible, while some lymphomas progress very slowly, so it may be sufficient to follow up for years without the need for drug treatment.”

There are also non-chemotherapy treatment options in lymphoma treatment

“Today, apart from chemotherapy, the course of treatment has completely changed with the discovery of targeted smart molecules. Thanks to these new methods, serious successes can be achieved in the treatment of lymphoma. In a significant portion of lymphomas, we have the chance to create an environment where the patient can live a very satisfactory life and fully perform their daily activities. We can keep the disease under control, even in the aggressive species, where we could not do anything in the past.”

Hematology Specialist Prof., who stated that chemotherapy still has an important place in the treatment of lymphoma. Dr. Mustafa Çetiner gives the following information:

The role of chemotherapy in lymphoma treatment

“There are drugs that recognize lymphoma cells by the signs they carry and selectively bind to those cells and destroy them. Treatment with these drugs is called “immunotherapy”. Third, there are new treatments that disrupt intracellular signaling and inhibit the development of cells in this way. Oral medications constitute the majority of these treatments. These drugs are called “targeted drugs”. Apart from these 3 main groups, radiotherapy is a very important weapon in our hands and plays an important role in the treatment of the disease. Especially with the development of radiotherapy methods, this treatment option has become more used today.”

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