How does the itching of the vagina go? If the discharge comes with the itching…

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Vaginal itching, which is one of the most common ailments in women, happens to many women from time to time. What should be considered in the treatment of vaginal itching due to various reasons? How does itchy vagina go away? Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Operator Doctor Betül Görgen answered the questions you frequently ask.

“There are some symptoms of vaginal infections. There may be discharge, burning, itching is the most common symptom. Itching in the external genital area, which we call vagina and vulma, is one of the most common symptoms in vaginal infections.

It is necessary to evaluate according to the periods.

It is one of the most important complaints of women of all ages. But this complaint should be evaluated according to age periods. The reason for itching before menstruation is different, the reason for itching during the menstrual period, during the productive period of women, or the reason for itching during menopause is different.

The discharge and itching, which are usually premenopausal and postmenopausal, are usually due to the fact that the normal vaginal flora has not yet formed or is no longer forming as in menopause. Because the estrogen hormone decreases, there are no bacteria that will provide the necessary acid environment for the development and self-protection of the mucosal tissues.

Usually fungus, the first cause is itching. However, other factors can also cause itching. Usually, the reason for this is understood on examination. Or treatment is planned by taking a culture from the vaginal discharge. But sometimes there may be severe itching due to allergic reasons.

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