How does stomach cancer occur? What are the symptoms of stomach cancer? Is there a cure for stomach cancer?

It is usually noticed in its final stages as it progresses without symptoms. Since the symptoms are the same with health problems such as ulcers and reflux, the patient does not notice for a long time. That’s why most people who get stomach cancer die without treatment. So how does stomach cancer occur and what are the symptoms? Find out about stomach cancer, which is caused by food and drink and negatively affects human life.

The task of the stomach in the body is to liquefy the food and drinks that enter through the mouth and esophagus together with the acid in it. Since the stomach is an organ surrounded by muscles, it also performs this process thanks to the muscles. Thanks to the acid it contains, it protects the health of the stomach against harmful microorganisms in food and beverages. However, the increased toxin and acid in the stomach cause serious damage to the inner surface of the stomach. The most dangerous of these is stomach cancer. This situation, which occurs in the inner wall of the stomach, also prevents the muscles from working. According to the researches, approximately 20 thousand people are diagnosed with stomach cancer every year in Turkey. Alcohol, smoking, unconscious diet, and excessive fat consumption also pave the way for stomach cancer. As in every cancer, the DNA in the stomach is damaged and the cells that form the basis of the tumor lose their control and multiply in gastric cancer. The greater the number of cells, the greater the probability of tumor growth. These tumors do not only stay in the stomach, they can progress to the lymph nodes and liver.

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Indigestion and bloating after meals,

persistent nausea,

Unexplained weight loss


eat little food,

Constant vomiting complaint

Symptoms such as difficulty swallowing indicate stomach cancer.

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In reflux patients,

In obesity due to overeating,

– Hot consumption of food and beverages, for example; soup, tea,

Those who smoke and drink alcohol,

Eating habits that are low in vegetables and fruits,

Finding cancer DNA in family history,

It is often seen in people who experience conditions such as long-term stomach inflammation.


Endoscopy is the most common method. With this method, a piece of the inner wall is taken by entering the stomach with a camera. The piece is taken for biopsy. In the biopsy, it is checked whether there is cancer or not. It is also tried to determine whether the cancer is benign or malignant. Since it is a type of cancer that progresses secretly, it is usually diagnosed in its very late stages. The treatment method of cancer is developed with tests. The last method is surgery.

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