How does Lyme disease occur? What are the symptoms of Lyme? Is there a cure for Lyme disease?

Recently, Justin Bieber said he has Lyme disease. Then the eyes turned to what Lyme disease is. The young singer explained that he had difficult years and had serious health problems both psychologically and neurologically. So how does Lyme disease occur? What are the symptoms of Lyme? Is there a cure for Lyme disease? We searched for the things that were asked about Lyme disease for you.

Lyme is a disease caused by the Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato virus, which usually settles in the body as a result of the bite of the Ixodes ricinus tick species. It manifests itself with flu-like symptoms, but causes serious neurological problems in the future. It continues with severe joint pain. It is estimated that more than 5 million people in our country have this disease. The disease was named Lyme since the disease first appeared in 1975 in the town of Old Lyme, Connecticut. It progresses by mimicking some diseases. Therefore, it is not possible to detect it immediately in the early period. People who get the disease are thought to suffer from health problems such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and depression. The reason for the sudden increase in curiosity about this disease is; Young pop singer Justin Bieber’s statement was made. “A lot of people say that Justin Bieber used excessive meth etc. They didn’t even realize I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Not only that, I had mononucleosis (colloquially ‘kissing disease’) that affected my skin, brain functions, energy and overall health.” spoke.

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It is a disease caused by a virus that is transmitted to the human body as a result of the bite of ticks living in areas with green and trees. The most important factor in the rapid progression of the disease is that 1 tick must remain on the skin for at least 24 hours. The longer the tick stays, the more the disease settles and spreads. The rate of contracting this disease is high in people living with animals outside of forest areas.

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An eye-sized swelling and swelling occurs in the bitten area. The fluff is gradually pierced. The middle part is white.

In an average of 3 or 30 days, rashes occur on the skin surface. There is no itching or pain in the rash.

This process is different in every person, while in some people it is only in one area, in others it covers the whole body.

The above symptoms are visible. However, there are also invisible and flu-like symptoms. Health problems such as short attacks, tremors, fatigue and headaches are experienced.

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When the symptoms increase in severity, the patient who applies to a specialist is first given a blood test. In addition, the doctor who suspects Lyme performs tests such as ELISA tests, western blot tests and PCR to detect the virus. However, the big problem is that even as a result of these tests, the probability of the virus being detected is low. Because the virus does not affect the immune system in the first place. Urine and swab samples are then taken from the patient. When diagnosed early, antibiotic treatment begins. However, this process varies according to age and gender. Pregnant and children are treated differently. It is tried to reduce the violence caused by the virus by giving other drugs other than antibiotics to the patient.

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