How does an insect bite happen? What are the symptoms of insect bites?

We have compiled for you those who are curious about the increasing insect bites with the warming of the weather. While some insects bite visibly, others do not know when they bite. These bites, which cause infectious viruses, cause the destruction of the area. So, what kind of insect bite? You can find everything about the bites in the details of the news.

Insect bites, which are more common in summer, cause serious diseases. In such cases, the important thing is which insect bites and how. It is often difficult to identify exactly which insect was bitten. This situation causes delay in treatment. However, this situation can be avoided. Although the bites are similar, the symptoms they show are not the same. The bite that increases the most with the warming of the weather is the mosquito. It is manifested by symptoms such as swelling, hardening, itching and swelling of the bitten area.

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what kind of insect bite


  1. Infected cells entering the body usually affect the immune system. Therefore, when the body begins to produce antibodies, the body begins to warm up.
  2. Since the infection causes allergic reactions, the throat swells, which causes difficulty in swallowing.
  3. Damage to nerve cells causes severe headaches and body fatigue.
  4. Microbes that cause blood pressure to become irregular provide rapid blood flow, which disrupts the heart rhythm.
  5. Afterwards, symptoms such as nausea and vomiting continue.

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mosquito bite



  • A hornet bite hurts you more than a normal bee bite. The area bitten by the hornet immediately swells and turns red. The most important difference of the hornet’s bite is that your ears and lips become bruised and respiratory problems occur. In this situation, you should consult a specialist.

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  • The bite of light brown ants is poisonous and causes severe allergic shock. After the bite, symptoms such as skin irritation, excessive itching and flaking occur, as well as breathing problems.

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fire ant


  • Houseflies are animals that feed on human blood. A small red spot appears on the bite area. Over time, this spot turns into an inflamed blister. Since houseflies carry many different diseases, it is useful to see a doctor after being bitten.

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black fly


  • There is only one way to distinguish a bed bug bite, which is similar to mosquito and flea bites. The bed bug bites several times as if it is following a path in the same area. It causes excessive itching and bleeding on the skin.

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bed bug


  • A bee sting is not very dangerous. However, for some people who are allergic to bee bites, this can have very bad consequences. The bee leaves its sting in the area it stings and causes that area to swell as if it has edema.

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  • Tick ​​bite is one of the serious insect bites that results in death. Ticks can live for days on the human body they bite. It manifests itself with symptoms such as fever, vomiting and dizziness. If not intervened early, it weakens the immune system and causes death.

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Since mosquitoes settle everywhere, a particular virus does not infect the body. It causes serious skin and health problems as it transfers multiple infections to the body. Some mosquitoes bite at all, causing some to get sick. Mosquito inflates the area like a balloon. Since the infection spreads rapidly, the most effective method to prevent it is ice compression. Afterwards, it is beneficial to put a warm tea bag to reduce the burning of the infection. To reduce the destruction of itching, antimicrobial creams or natural remedies such as lemon can be applied. In order to keep the area soft, aloe vera gel can be used instead of cosmetic products.

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