How do we adapt to quarantine?

What kind of changes has quarantine caused in our psychology that we have not experienced for generations? Are our eating and drinking habits suitable for the time we have to spend at home? What can we do for a healthy life and mood? Formteg founders , psychologist Tansu Ocak and Dietitian Ecem Ocak , who aim to provide psychological support to their clients and get to the root of the problem in order to regulate unhealthy eating and drinking habits, made important recommendations to protect our psychology and weight during the pandemic period.

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Stating that the changing sleep patterns, high stress and anxiety disorders during the quarantine period negatively affect our eating and drinking habits Psychologist G. Tansu Ocak , “The quarantine period has seriously changed our eating habits in general. On the bright side, the consumption rate of ready-to-eat food has decreased and meals have been started to be made at home. We can say that those who plan to lose weight can benefit from this process.

What did those who could not manage the process well did?

  • Television, computer etc. The time spent in front of him increased.
  • Restriction of social life, increased stress and anxiety and food consumption related to mood; junk food consumption has increased.
  • The closure of gyms and the decrease in physical activity caused an increase in body weight.

“Fear is a basic emotion”

Psychologist G. Tansu Ocak, stating that fear is a basic emotion, continued as follows: “Fear is a basic emotion until a certain point. We know that it is beneficial, but too much of it causes panic and prevents us from thinking logically. Managing our anxiety and stress, reminding ourselves that this is a temporary process will help us adapt to the quarantine process”

Dietitian Ecem Ocak , ” In these days of increasing stay at home, you need to review your diet.For this, you can pay attention to the following items:

What can you do?

  • Try to consume from all food groups.
  • Start the day by drinking water
  • When you sit down to eat, don’t binge and get up without eating too much
  • Living with your family If so, consider this as an opportunity to spend quality time together. For example, you can prepare a nice dinner table and eat with a nice conversation.
  • Thus, you will eat in a controlled manner without eating too fast.
  • Do physical activity. Don’t make excuses to move. Be sure to move. For example, go up and down stairs, take small walks if you can, or do at least 15-20 minutes of exercise.
  • In these days when meal shifts are observed, we forget about snacks. Make sure to have small snacks.
  • Do not forget to consume water.
  • If you want to eliminate the confusion caused by information pollution during the pandemic process or if you have difficulty in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, do not neglect to consult a nutritionist.

“Protect your immunity in natural ways”

Emphasizing that nutrition is an important factor in strengthening the immune system, Expert Dietitian Ecem Ocak said, “A strong immune system depends on adequate and balanced nutrition. it needs. We should consume every food group regularly, not just one food:

  • Vegetable-fruit group
  • Bread and cereal group
  • Meat-eggs
  • Legumes
  • Dairy group.

Things to consider in nutrition during the quarantine period:

  • Protein is of great importance in nutrition. Consume 1 egg a day. Greens such as parsley, mint, and cress will meet your vitamin C needs.
  • Fill your closet with colorful vegetables and fruit. Remember that the more colors, the more health.
  • Make sure to add spices to your meals and soups. In particular, let ginger, turmeric, black pepper, cumin and sumac take center stage in your kitchen.
  • Garlic, onion are powerful antibiotics. Use it abundantly in your meals and soups.
  • Tangerine, orange, kiwi, pepper are good sources of vitamin C. Do not forget that vitamin C is a vitamin that we need to take daily.
  • It is very important to consume enough water. Just like when you wash your hands and face with water, we clean our body when we drink water. Consume approximately 2-2.5 liters of water per day, depending on the need.
  • Take care to consume raw hazelnuts, raw almonds, walnuts from oily seeds with fruits. Enjoy the power of herbal teas. Do not forget to add lemon in it.
  • Probiotic support is very important for a strong immune system. Especially yoghurt and kefir.

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