High heels and pointed toes damage the foot bones.

Wearing high heels in order to look beautiful and maintain a more upright posture means to walk around with pointed-toed shoes all the time, neglecting the health of our feet, which carry the weight of our body. Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist and Lecturer. Member Op. Dr. Kerem Ülkü warns that choosing the wrong shoes that will strain the feet and standing for too long can cause permanent damage to the ‘sesamoid’ bones of the feet.

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“Metatarsal Sesamoids”: Shock absorbers in our feet!

Our feet have ossicles that function just like shock absorbers in cars. Located just below the joint formed by the first metatarsal bone of the foot with the finger, these two small ossicles, called metatarsal sesamoid , in the size of a bean, take on the task of increasing the thrust of the big toe during the pushing phase of walking. So when do we become aware of the existence of “metatarsal sesamoids”? Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Op. Dr. Kerem Ülkü draws attention to the fact that the pain that occurs with a slight swelling in our feet when we stand for a long time or during the pushing stages of walking is a harbinger of a problem in these ossicles.

Where are the pains seen?

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These pains are generally seen under the area where the first metatarsal bone articulates with the finger. The limitation of movement backwards in the finger is also experienced due to the patient’s desire to move this joint less due to pain.

Attention if you have high heels and pointed toes!

Sesamoid pain occurs especially in women due to improper shoe selection.

Causes of sesamoid pain

  • Inappropriate shoe selection
  • Long standing
  • Sudden traumas during sports activities at young ages
  • Moderate Recurrent minor traumas at ages

Who is more prone?

In people who have a physically high curved (pit-based) foot structure, sesamoid pain is more frequently encountered due to the inclined structure of the 1st metatarsal bone.

Choosing the right shoes is the most important way to protect

  • The first way to prevent from sesamoid problems is to choose suitable shoes.
  • High-heeled and pointed-toed shoes should be preferred only in special situations and for limited periods.
  • Using the same shoe for a long time also affects the sole properties of the shoe negatively, increasing the pressure in the sesamoid region.
  • Round-soled shoes with a soft sole and facilitating walking effort can protect the person from sesamoid problems.
  • Especially people with high curved feet and weight problems should pay more attention to these recommendations.

Sesamoid pain may occur due to reactions in the sesamoid capsule (Sesamoiditis), as well as from time to time as a result of bone edema and sesamoid fractures.

The first three steps of treatment for people with sesamoiditis pain:

  • Losing weight
  • Making sure that the right shoes are used
  • Daily standing

In some patients, some patients stated that silicone supports that increase the cushioning of the sesamoids can also be placed in the shoe

Treatment of advanced sesamoid pain surgery

In more advanced cases, the option of clearing the reaction with open or endoscopic surgical methods or removing the problematic bone from the area may come up.

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