Hidden heroes in our body: Secondary herbal ingredients

With the cooling of the weather, our body resistance began to weaken gradually. Therefore, our risk of catching many diseases that increase in seasonal transitions is also increased.

LaVita With the arrival of Micronutrient Concentrate in our country, secondary herbal components, which started to be a concept we hear often, aroused great curiosity for us. Secondary herbal ingredients, which may be a fairly new concept for most of us, actually have a great mystery in the scientific world. Although it is not yet known exactly how many types they are, their scientific names or what they look like, it is a known fact that vitamins and minerals are their closest friends.

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Now we all know the importance of vitamins and minerals very well. Vitamins and minerals have an important place in all metabolic events that take place in our body. In the absence of these micronutrients, namely vitamins and minerals, it can be inevitable to encounter serious diseases.

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Although awareness of the benefits of vitamins and minerals has increased, unfortunately some well-known mistakes can prevent us from achieving the desired protection. So what are these errors?

  • – Vitamins can be stored. x
  • Many vitamins cannot be stored. Therefore, a regular and continuous supply is required.
  • – We can reach all vitamins and minerals with a single type of nutrition. x
  • – A uniform diet cannot provide access to all vitamins and minerals. In the absence of certain vitamins and minerals, it is inevitable to suffer from various ailments.
  • – It will be enough to take the missing vitamins and minerals alone. x
  • – Isolated vitamins cannot provide the form and benefit of foods alone. They need secondary herbal substances and other vitamins.

No matter how regularly we use an isolated vitamin, it is observed that the problems we experience with this vitamin either do not improve or improve in very small amounts over time. The reason for this is the lack of secondary plant substances that take vitamins and minerals from their hands and reach the cells. In simpler terms, it has been observed that a person who eats one carrot benefits more than a person who takes one capsule of isolated vitamin A, although there is a very serious difference between the amounts they contain. Because the secondary herbal components in this carrot allow vitamins A to reach the cells by holding them in their hands.

In the image below, you can see the relationships between vitamins and minerals.

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As can be seen on this impressive graphic, vitamins and minerals also support each other’s cell absorption (bioavailability) in the most optimal way.

In the light of this information, our advice to our valued readers:

  • – Adopt a holistic nutrition program
  • – Choose holistic vitamins instead of isolated vitamins in your supplement choices
  • – Make sure the vitamins are derived from natural and herbal ingredients.
  • – Ensure the presence of secondary herbal ingredients.
  • – Take care of regular and continuous intake of vitamins and minerals. It is very important that it is holistic.

It is quite new in our country and seen in many places. LaVita Micronutrient Concentrate Thanks to its holistic content, more than 70 natural components (vegetable, fruit, plant and plant juices) in concentrated form, it can be a very effective solution for optimizing the vitamins and minerals in our body with its secondary herbal substance content and liquid form. The daily and regular use of LaVita, which contains 50 days’ worth of servings in its 500 ml bottle, will provide benefits for the micronutrients we need to reach our cells.

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