Here are the miracle solutions for strong knees! Ways to get rid of knee pain

One of the physical problems most people experience is knee pain. As the pain increases in the knees, which can be damaged very quickly, the quality of life of the person decreases. Experts reminded once again that in order to avoid this problem, a person should eat healthy.

One of the most sensitive bones in our body is the knees. The knees represent the junction point of the body. Therefore, it can be damaged very easily. During the pandemic process, complaints of knee pain increased. The reason was due to long-term quarantines, working from home, and extended desk working time. In order not to experience this health problem, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Prof. Dr. Gülçün Gülşen stated what needs to be considered.

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– Get rid of excess body weight.

– Pay attention to natural, organic and timely nutrition.

– Make up for vitamin deficiencies such as D and B12.

– Do regular walking and exercises without getting tired.

Excess calcium affects the bones negatively. So get your calcium from milk and dairy products.

– Grape seed and okra seeds are the most natural remedies for knee pain.

– Do not sit in the same position for long periods of time.

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