Herbal teas that will be good during menstruation

The ovulation period is the period when women suffer the most. In addition, the repetition of this cycle every month makes our daily life difficult. The most important thing in this period is the first 2-3 days. Because cramps and pains are experienced a lot during this period. Many people can resort to medicines and home-made herbal products to overcome these pains, but herbal teas are more beneficial to overcome these pains in a controlled and healthier way. We have compiled herbal teas that can be beneficial for you, as herbal teas create relaxation and relaxation in the muscles during this period.


Herbal teas that are good for menstrual pain

– Blackberry tea

– Ginger tea

– Chamomile tea

– Fennel tea

– Sage

– Thyme tea

– Mint tea

– Hibiscus tea

blackberry tea

Since it contains a lot of vitamin C, it both helps you pass this period comfortably and gives you energy.

Ginger tea

It is actually one of the most preferred teas in this period, as it has a pain-relieving feature. It is a complete expectorant and will also be good for your weakness and fatigue.

chamomile tea

As everyone knows, chamomile tea has a calming property. When you drink the tea, you will see that the cramps, pains and swellings are relieved. We recommend that you start consuming it 3-4 days before the menstrual period.


Fennel tea

Fennel tea, which is good for many things, is one of the teas that will relieve your pain during menstruation. It can also be consumed as an anti-inflammatory, bloating, intestinal and stomach ailments.


It is one of the teas that you can consume most during menstruation, as it contains the hormone estrogen. At the same time, it will be good for diseases such as inflammation and cysts in the uterus.

thyme tea

If you have a delay in your period, this tea is for you. If you drink thyme tea when there is a delay, it will have a great effect on removing your menstruation immediately.

Mint tea

It is one of the teas that reduces tension and is good for bloating that occurs during this period.

Hibiscus tea

It is one of the teas with many health benefits. In addition, it has a great effect on the pains and cramps that occur during the menstrual period.

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