Healthy weight gain methods without increasing the fat ratio

Summer is coming, everyone wants to lose weight. What about those who complain of weakness and those who want to gain weight? How to gain weight by eating healthy? How to reach and maintain the ideal weight? Dietician Büşra Kaya gave the answer to these most frequently asked questions .

diyet kilo zayiflama tarti verme saglik

I believe that it is more difficult than weakening another individual with a disability.

1553503752 diyetisyen busra kaya However, by wanting to perform a difficult task in a healthy way, we make it even more difficult. In other words, in order to increase our body weight, we can cause body fat without noticing the foods we consume only because they are high in calories, and we can cause ‘visceral fatness’, that is, lubrication of your internal organs. As a result of this, you can increase the risk of many diseases such as insulin resistance, fatty liver, cardiovascular diseases.

You can put honey in tea or milk

  • You can add honey to your breakfast tea, or you can consume more calories by consuming whole milk or fruit juice instead of tea.

Leave your water consumption after meals

  • Take care that your water consumption is after meals. If you consume water with meals; your stomach capacity will fill up sooner and you may not get enough calories.

Increase calories by adding legumes to your soup

  • You can increase the nutritional value while cooking your meals. For example, by adding legumes and grains to your soups, you increase both the protein amount and the calorie content of your meal.
  • Before going to bed, you can drink a sweet baby with milk or a mixture that you will prepare with milk, honey and banana.

Consume dried fruits, walnuts and almonds for snacks

  • You can consume low-volume but high-calorie foods in your snacks. For example; It can be homemade cakes, cookies.
  • Again, to consume in your snacks instead of fresh fruit, dry fruits can be consumed and less bulky but higher calorie foods can be preferred.
  • You should definitely include oily seeds such as walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts and almonds in your diet.

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