Harms caused by fake sunglasses? Consequences leading to blindness…

2 out of 4 people prefer fake sunglasses. However, experts warn that fake sunglasses cause serious damage to eye health. What about the harm caused by fake sunglasses? What are the consequences leading to blindness? We have researched all these frequently asked questions for you.

Although the atmosphere reduces the intensity of UV and IR rays coming from the Sun when they land on Earth, these rays damage the most sensitive parts of our body, namely our skin and eyes. While it even causes cancer on the skin surface, people with allergic conjunctiva, dry eye, retina, albinism disorders and colored eyes are more affected by the sun’s rays. In order not to be affected by the intensity of the rays, experts warn that special pine sunglasses should be used. Otherwise, the sun’s rays can cause serious eye diseases. . Sunglasses are fitted with special film lenses that refract UV and IR rays. In this way, the sun’s rays coming into the eye are refracted and hit the yellow spot and ensure that the eye sees healthy. The reason why the sunglasses are colored is due to the specially prepared film glasses. However, in some under-the-counter sunglasses, dye is used instead of these films, and the dye causes some complications in the eye. Experts warn that instead of refraction of light, direct rays to the eye increase the severity of causing damage.


Fake sunglasses cause third-degree eye diseases:

– In the cornea; Complaints such as dryness, itching, burning, stinging, pain and bleeding occur primarily due to dyed, that is, fake sunglasses. These complaints can be corrected with medication.

– In the second degree, blood formation occurs in the white part of the eyes (Conjunctiva) and flesh around the eyelid.

– The real serious problem is the third degree. Since people who wear fake glasses for a long time are exposed to UV rays; It can cause diseases that cause blindness such as yellow spot and cataract. In order to prevent these situations from causing permanent damage, eye examination should be performed and sunglasses should be used with the advice of a specialist.

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It causes diseases such as ‘Snow Blindness’ in the eyes exposed to the sun’s rays for a long time. The yellow spot, which receives more light waves due to the rays, loses its ability to refract the light in the places it looks, and the place it is looked at becomes white.

The biggest change in the eye is experienced in the lenses. The most basic place in the sense of sight is the lens of the eye. The first reception in vision takes place thanks to the lens. However, if the lens is exposed to the sun for a long time and is not protected, it causes thinning. This can even lead to serious diseases such as cataracts.

The health problem caused by the sun’s rays, especially in children, is strabismus. Even if it is not obvious in glare, hidden strabismus may be experienced. Some experts also refer to this as eye drift. In addition to being an aesthetic problem, it causes problems such as seeing a perspective angle double or embedding it in a perspective angle, especially while driving.

The most risky mountain problem that the sun’s rays will give to the eye is the cause of cancer in the eyelid. It causes the cells around the eyes to mutate.

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Sunglasses, whose sales increased especially in the summer months, fell into the internet environment with the increase in online sales. Sunglasses that look like the originals at attractive prices, although nice, are ruining health. Experts give serious warnings about sunglasses, which they emphasize will lead to situations that may even result in blindness. One of these warnings was made by Ayaz, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Anatolian Glasses and Opticians Federation. Ayaz stated that sunglasses and lenses that are not taken under the control and prescription of a doctor can cause damage even in healthy eyes. In addition, Ayaz emphasized that eye health is the most neglected health problem in our society, just like oral and dental health. Explaining the decrease in sales on the internet and the increasing incidence of eye diseases, Ayaz said, “While the rate of using eyeglasses is around 55 percent in developed countries, this rate is 18 percent in Turkey. We will bring up the draft work we prepared after the establishment of our opticians and opticians’ rooms. In this context, deceptive advertisements in the printed and visual media, and campaigns such as glasses, a health device, as a commercial commodity. “A new framework will be drawn for the advertisements and campaigns to be made by opticians. Also, with the arrangements to be made during working hours, it will be ensured that the employees work under equal conditions and unfair competition is prevented.”also included statements.

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