Great invention! This test detects cancer 4 years in advance…

The scientist made a great discovery. 5 Cancer types The invention that will be detected 4 years in advance has been announced.

In the 21st century, he made a great breakthrough to prevent cancer diseases that increased due to increased air pollution and spoiled food. It will now be possible to diagnose 5 types of cancer 4 years in advance with a blood test. The study by the University of California was published in the journal “Nature Communications”.

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Cancerous cells were found in tests performed with blood samples taken from more than 123 thousand people over 10 years. However, these undeveloped cells will turn into tumors after a few years. In the project, where the PanSeer test was given, cancer was detected in 95 percent of the participants.

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Samples are taken from the stomach, esophagus, and large intestines for the test. The DNA in these samples is checked. Testing will continue for some time before its release.

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