Good for upper respiratory tract diseases: What are the benefits of cough grass? How is it consumed?

We have searched for you what you wonder about cough herb, which has been used in alternative medicine for centuries in upper respiratory tract diseases. The name of the coltsfoot, which is also called camel sole and watered grass, actually comes from the disease it benefits. The horse, which cuts the cough instantly, is a powerful infection killer. So what are the benefits of cough grass? How is it consumed?

Commonly found in Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean regions, coltsfoot is one of the most resistant herbaceous plants. The name of the coltsfoot, which is not found in Eastern Anatolia, in the scientific literature is Tussilago Farfara. This weed, which is yellow in color, usually grows up to 30 cm. It is called coltsfoot because it provides one-to-one benefits to cough. However, it is also known as rudeness, camel smack, watered and shabla. The coltsfoot, which blooms in spring, is collected and dried after it has fully opened. It is boiled and consumed throughout the winter. Commonly used as a natural remedy in alternative medicine in ancient times, coltsfoot is a powerful germicidal. In some regions, it is also added to meals. Coltsfoot, one of the favorite flowers of honey bees, can be used for a year when stored in the right conditions.

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– It is often used in diseases such as colds, bronchitis, asthma and pneumonia, which are diseases of the upper respiratory tract. By inactivating the virus in the body in a short time, it helps the immune system to fight the virus at a high rate. It allows the organs to survive the process in a healthy way without being damaged.

– It is good for flu and cold, as well as for ear infections. For the ear closed due to infection, a cotton ball is dipped in the boiled coltsfoot water and only one drop is dripped into the ear.

– This plant, which is rich in vitamin C, can be added to soup and consumed throughout the winter. Thus, the immune system is strengthened. The risk of contracting diseases is reduced.

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– Experts say that it can be consumed by adding a little bit of honey to it when it is boiled and the water is filtered to have a strong expectorant feature.

– At the same time, after the plant is thoroughly boiled and filtered, the mushy plants can be used as a hot compress. Especially since the lungs are damaged due to diseases or excessive smoking, this compress helps to heal faster.

– Coltsfoot, which also helps with joint pain and swelling, can be boiled during the bath and added to a bucket of water. It is good for foot pain or body aches.

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