Good for muscle and bone pain: What are the benefits of tea tree oil? Where to use?

The plant, which grows on the tea tree, which is the most pungent and contains menthol after mint, has been used for health purposes in alternative medicine for centuries. Tea tree, whose oil is extracted and used, is the raw material of cosmetics and pharmaceutical factories. We have researched for you what you wonder about the tea tree, which is at the beginning of the natural medicine recommended for fungus and acne. So what are the benefits of Tea tree oil? Where to use?

It is known that tea tree oil, discovered by New Zealand sailors, is good for many diseases. Tea tree oil is effective in ending the infection thanks to its antibacterial effect. Age tree oil, which has become popular today, is the purest medicine found in nature and cleaning wounds. In some places, the tea obtained by drying the branches of the tea tree renews the lungs and liver, which cleans all the toxins in the body. Centuries ago, sailors used to take large amounts of tea tree bark and oil with them during voyages. It is used as a medical material for bleeding teeth, intestinal disorders, muscle and bone pain. Nowadays, it is among the most preferred ones especially in the treatment of stretch marks and cellulite. in science literature “Melaleuca alternifolia” The tea tree, known as the tea tree, grows in forested areas that are very often next to each other. Tea tree leaves, which are sometimes whitish, contain high amounts of oil.

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When diluted with water and used as a tonic, it allows acne and acne scars to pass in a short time. It renews the cells of the dermis layer of the skin. In addition to acne and acne treatment, it is also good for wrinkles. It refreshes and relaxes the skin.

It is also effective in healing the sores caused by the herpes virus on the lips, nose and genital areas. When applied as a thin layer to the area where the herpes virus is present, it purifies the area from infected cells.

It is good for many skin problems, as well as effective in ending boils. It shows its effect in a short time when applied to the boil in a thin layer.

By adding some to the water you use during the bath, it opens all the pores in the body. It balances the sweating of the body. Thus, it allows to remove toxins in these ways. The menthol scent of the oil mixed with the steam is effective in cleaning the bronchi.

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It reduces the effect that occurs when used after insect and fly bites. In fact, some experts recommend combining a glass of water with a tablespoon of tea oil in a spray bowl and spraying the body frequently, especially in summer.

The oil of the tea tree is applied to the vagina and armpits and prevents the bad odor that may occur here. It also ensures that you have a natural scent towards the environment.

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Tea tree oil is very effective in the inflamed wounds that increase in the mouth with high fever and irregular nutrition. It prevents deformation of the gingiva. It cleans the food residues between the teeth. It prevents bad breath by reducing bacteria in saliva. It supports whitening by preventing the formation of dental calculus.

During severe earaches, wait by dripping a drop into the ear. It helps to get rid of the inflammation accumulated in it in a short time.

If you are constantly experiencing problems such as nail breakage or inability to grow, tea tree can be a complete source of healing for you. When you apply it by massaging your nails regularly, it allows your nails to grow more easily.

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It can be used for home cleaning as well as skin health. Add the tea tree branches into the cleaning water obtained by boiling the tea tree branches. When you wipe your house with this mixture, it not only prevents long-term dust retention, but also protects the house against pests.

If you wipe the walls that are prone to mold and dampness with a few drops of tea tree oil. Mold can be prevented for a long time.

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Village houses often have cobwebs. For this, lime paint is made continuously. However, if you add tea tree oil to the paint. Spider web is not collected in the house for a long time. In addition, mosquitoes and flies do not enter the house. Because these animals do not like the smell of tea tree.

– Tea tree oil is beneficial for dental care. In addition to reducing the infection in the mouth, it also supports the whitening of the teeth. It also prevents bad breath. You can use it by pouring tea tree oil into toothpaste at home.

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