Get rid of your emotional burdens with the Japanese cleansing ritual osouji.

With the increase in working from home during the pandemic process, especially for women, running a home-based business and taking care of children, if any, online education processes led to a further increase in stress, triggering a sense of anger. However, it is possible to overcome the unhappiness and problems that female employees, who take great responsibility with the work from home order, may experience, turn this period into a more positive time and reduce your burdens that weigh on you. How Does? With the ritual of “osouji”, which means “great New Year’s cleansing”, which has existed in Japanese culture for hundreds of years. Now is the time to roll up your sleeves!

evde temizlik ve sadelesme ossouji

Is it possible to work and be happy at home at the same time?

Glasses, plates, messes in every corner of the house, online meetings to be held, children trying to focus on the lessons at home… Is it possible to be happy and peaceful at home when the situation is like this? According to Author and Trainer Damla Kunç Koçman, the founder of Coachman Training and Consulting, the physical spaces you will create by simplifying your home through the Osouji ritual help to make room in your mind and create spaces for new beginnings and experiences. This helps you to be more peaceful and happy. How Does? Let’s explain…

Reduce your loads!

temizlikte kahve molasi In Japanese culture, “Osouji” means “great New Year’s cleansing.” This ritual is performed in Japan on December 28, before entering the New Year. Japanese, osouji

With the Osouji ritual (great New Year’s cleaning) that the Japanese have been doing for hundreds of years
, you too can experience the pandemic process.

Get rid of your emotional and spiritual burdens

Koçman, who writes science fiction novels for children and has two children, one 13 and the other 17, has a long For years, he has been involved in studies that will contribute to self-knowledge, transforming and developing his creativity, and he was very impressed especially by Claude M. Bristol’s statement “We certainly do what we design”. He attended complementary trainings aimed at understanding the human being and human psychology. During these trainings, there was also the opportunity to work in the field of the weights created by the emotional burdens of the people.

damla kunc kocman portre“The symbolic meaning of house cleaning is to get rid of emotional burdens. It is in the culture of every house to do seasonal cleaning, such as spring cleaning, New Year’s cleaning. Its purpose is renewal in life. It is not to have the latest new products, but to find the clothes left in the back of your closet or to create a new delicious taste with the materials in your refrigerator. Sharing the clothes you do not use with those who do not have them is giving life to the objects through someone else.

Every object we own has been designed with effort and devotion, and should be respected. Thanking your belongings that have served you and giving them to someone else changes the atmosphere of the house. ”

Damla Kunç Koçman believes that being happy and content with what we have is only one of the ways to peace. Another way is to do spring cleaning in our own inner world and in our minds while cleaning our house…

Focus and stay in the moment

Damla Kunç Koçman continues her words on what we can do about being peaceful at home and being happy with what we have:

“A Japanese saying says ‘Yourself He who looks good wins himself’. It is possible for us to win ourselves in different ways. It’s vital to stay active, stay focused and in the moment, eat well, keep our minds sharp, and think about our actions. One of the top priorities is to focus and stay in the moment. Because the brain activity in the mind calms down when it stays in the moment. Thus, our stress and anxiety will decrease.”

Accordingly, when you put your home in order, your mind is organized and refreshed. While we do our own mental therapy, we begin to live in a peaceful and increased space with cleanliness and arrangement.

How to clean for both home and mind cleaning according to the art of “Osouji”

1. Start cleaning from the ceiling of the house and clean the floor last
2. Start cleaning from the entrance of the room and then move clockwise. Accordingly, you have finished the cleaning where you started. While doing all this, be careful to keep your mind blank.
3. Gather the materials that you have not used for a long time in each room and share them with those in need.
4. The materials to be thrown away sort it out and throw it away when the room is finished
5. Involve everyone in the family in the cleaning Everyone decides what they want to go and stay give it a chance.
6. Clean all stains from seats and tub. Old stains remind of the negative past.

Stop judging yourself

  • If you think of past or future stories, scenarios, or assumptions while doing housework, pay attention to your breath.
  • Notice the thought that comes to mind. Do not judge yourself and do not point your attention arrows at yourself.
  • You caught the thought, for example, while cleaning, you think about “what should I do for dinner”. Focus on what you’re doing without thinking by saying “I’m aware of what I’m thinking about what to do for dinner”.
  • You can apply this method to every moment of your life.

Divide the work as a family

ev temizliginde is bolumu osouji

Including the people and children you live with in this process, all members of the family without gender discrimination division of labor is also the key to being a good team and building strong ties.

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Who is Damla Kunç Koçman?

damla kunc kocman portre 1 İhsan Doğramacı graduated from Hacettepe University, Department of Chemical Engineering, with an outstanding achievement award. His career, Ankara II. He started as a design engineer in the phase natural gas project. He worked at Eczacıbaşı İlaç and Sanofi respectively. In 2006, he founded Silyon Licensing Consultancy Services.

He always cared about his personal development and invested in his own development. After meeting the coaching profession, she made a career change and combined her 8 years of entrepreneurship experience with professional coach, trainer, assessment and development center consultant. He founded the Coachman Training and Consultancy firm.

Influenced by Claude M. Bristol’s statement “We certainly do what we design”, he participated in studies that would contribute to self-knowledge, transformation and development of creativity. He supported his work by receiving complementary trainings aimed at understanding the human being and human psychology.

Damla Kunç Koçman, who writes science fiction novels for children, currently trains on pedagogical formation at Marmara University and has more than 600 hours of coaching experience, still continues to provide individual and corporate coaching and training.


  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) approved accredited Professional Coach (PCC)
  • International WAPP approved Basic Positive Psychotherapy Counselor
  • MEB approved Creative Drama Leader


  • “Science School Project X” – Missing Piece (2019)
  • “Parallel Universe Travelers” – The Missing Piece (2019)

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