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Desk jobs, long hours spent in traffic, the habit of exercising and doing sports are not settled in the society, in short, a sedentary lifestyle brings with it many orthopedic problems.

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Weakened muscle mass due to not being used reveals itself with orthopedic and metabolic diseases, especially posture disorder. These ailments can be prevented to a large extent by sports and exercise. In particular, the pilates method appears as exercises applied for performance and rehabilitation purposes that people of all age groups can easily do. Memorial Wellness Medical Fitness Consultant Murat Biçer gave information about the health benefits of pilates exercises.

Mat pilates strengthens the muscles

Mat pilates is more stabilization exercises; It aims to strengthen the muscles against various obstacles that disrupt the upright posture and to develop the muscles that have lost their mobility with mobilization exercises. In order to make the body stronger and more balanced, it can be described as a course consisting of isotonic and isometric series, which includes the activation of large muscle groups that keep the body skeleton called core region. Isotonic exercises are also called dynamic exercises. It works by shortening and lengthening the muscles. In isometric (stationary) muscle training exercises, only the targeted muscle group and joint are worked. The variety of exercises performed provides feedback on one’s own capacity, and with advanced training methods, the person witnesses his own development.

Pilates can be done before and after pregnancy

Reformer pilates is designed to aim at strengthening the muscles at the most natural angles by calculating the joint motion angles and to protect the health of the joints. In addition to horizontal plane movements, the freedom of movement can be increased to higher levels with the reformer that allows multi-plan use. The reformer strengthens the core (central) region of the person and thus contributes directly to the force that will be created in other parts of the body. Exercises increase flexibility as well as strength development. In addition to these…

  • By enabling even the deepest muscles supporting the spine to be active, it reduces existing neck, back and low back pain.
  • It provides healthy movement of muscle, joint and connective tissue.
  • It can be used easily in the recovery of the body before and after pregnancy.
  • It is a system in which different variations can be used in the rehabilitation of sports or accident injuries and to increase performance.

Posture disorders also negatively affect proper breathing
Postural disorders can also prevent the healthy functioning of internal organs apart from physical appearance. It can cause many negative effects from decreased respiratory capacity to heart health. One of the most effective ways to prevent this is the exercises performed with “Reformer Pilates” using the correct breathing technique. Pilates exercise should be chosen in accordance with the person’s physical condition, posture, sports history, age, gender, goals, profession and daily life. The nature of the program to be implemented should not only make the person happy, but also be within the scope of achieving their goals.

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