For trotter soup against joint calcification

Cartilage damage, connective tissue and calcification problems are frequently seen in the elderly. Stating that there are many things that can be done to protect joints, have healthy joints, cartilage and connective tissue , famous stem cell and joint therapy specialist Dr. Yüksel Büküşoğlu “Recent research shows that when eating habits are changed, joint calcification and cartilage damage problems can be improved. Cartilage can renew itself according to the foods you eat. According to the results of a new scientific study, , jelly foods supplements, as well as exercise and Vitamin C helps to make cartilage, connective tissues, tendons and bones healthier, reducing joint calcification complaints and protecting your joints. he said.

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Soup against arthritis: Trotter soup

Jelly, beef and fish A food made from gelatin obtained by boiling the skin, bone and connective tissues of animals. The trotter soup, which we can think of as a gift from our culture, contains plenty of gelatin.

What is gelatin?

Yüksel Büküşoğlu gives us the following explanations about gelatin: “Gelatin is a food supplement that is extremely rich in amino acids, which causes the body to produce a substance called collagen, which we can describe as cartilage glue. Animal gelatin, taken with food, increases the synthesis of collagen tissues in our body, strengthens cartilage and connective tissues, protects cartilage damage. “In this respect, we can say that adding plenty of jelly, gelatin and vitamin C to our foods can play a beneficial role in keeping our joints healthy, in cartilage repair and tissue repair.”

Yüksel Büküşoğlu pointed out that they can recommend stem cell therapy in cases of medical necessity, in cases of joint calcification that have not reached the final stage, in cartilage damage and sports injuries.

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