For those who cannot consume meat: What are the benefits of Melki (Cintar) mushrooms? How is Melki consumed?

Melki or sycamore mushroom, also known as cannabis mushroom, is a strong calcium-containing food. Melki, which is a mushroom with a wide cap, should be consumed fresh. It grows spontaneously under forests in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. It occurs after increasing rain towards the end of autumn. So, what are the benefits of Melki (sycamore) mushroom? How is Melki consumed?

The name of the melki mushroom, which belongs to the Russulaceaa family and is referred to as lactarius salmonicolor, varies from region to region. In some places, it is referred to as a sycamore mushroom, in others as a sycamore mushroom. Melki mushroom, which has a 15 cm cap, is the mushroom that should be consumed freshest according to the experts’ recommendation. The mushroom, which is in orange tones, becomes pitted as it grows. As the veins under the hat expand, the rate of air intake increases, so green coloration occurs. It is useful to collect it by people who know, since it is a poisonous type of mushroom that starts to appear under the roman under the autumn rains. The mushroom, which is very delicious, is consumed fresh, so it is cooked on the barbecue as it is collected. It contains high amounts of calcium and protein.

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– This mushroom, which contains a low amount of calories, is among the ideal foods for those who want to lose weight during the winter months. Melki mushrooms also provide the fiber needed by the digestive system.

Melki mushroom, which is rich in iron and vitamin C, provides benefits in the immune system. Melki mushroom, which strengthens body resistance, also contains zero cholesterol. In this way, it also prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

– Children should consume melki mushroom, which contributes to mental development. Experts emphasize that children should consume melki mushroom, which increases learning and perception, once or twice a week.

Melki mushroom, which provides rapid healing and regeneration of body cells, is a miracle food that delays aging. It also prevents the formation of cancerous cells.

It is an indispensable food for those who cannot consume meat. It provides the same protein that meat provides.

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Mushroom experts recommend eating this mushroom variety in the first half hour of collection, as it is in favor of consuming it fresh. That’s why barbecue is the most ideal cooking method. In addition, it can be fried and eaten by breaking eggs on it. Or it can be roasted and consumed directly. Iron-containing melki mushroom is an ideal dish for those trying to cope with anemia. It is more effective than even the most natural supplements.

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