For healthy digestion and ideal weight: The Modern Mayr Method

The Mayr method, a detox method that has been applied for an average of 50 years and is mainly focused on healing the intestines, is among the effective nutrition methods that will shine even more in the coming period. For the Mayr Nutrition Method, world stars and community members frequently visit Viva Mayr Clinic in Austria, one of the most important detox and wellness clinics in the world. Here everything you need to know about the modern Mayr method ! The Mayr cycle is a traditional detox approach that can last from one week to three weeks, which European elites practice once or several times a year to maintain and improve their health. This nutrition and health program, called the MAYR Method, was developed in the 1930s by Dr. Started by Franz Mayr.

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“Happiness and depression are about the gut,” says Mayr. Because during his studies, he discovered the direct link between our digestive system and our general health and developed a method. Later, this method was called the Mayr Method.

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dr hasan insel sindirim sanati Well, VIVAMAYR Maria Wörth in Austria What will those who cannot go to the clinic do? It also has a solution. Founder of Intermed, Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Hasan İnsel , started to offer Mayr medicine services in Turkey as one of the first doctors to receive the Modern Mayr Nutrition Method training abroad. In addition, his book “The Art of Digestion with the Modern Mayr Nutrition Method” was published under the label of Support Publications.

Although it is not possible for everyone to go to Austria from Turkey, we started to learn more details about the Mayr method and to learn more about the method over time . In this Prof. Dr. Osman Müftüoğlu and Dr. Experts such as Hasan İnsel had a great influence.

In Turkey Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Hasan İnsel also stated that chewing is an art; He underlines that it is possible to achieve ideal body weight, reduce insulin levels, support cellular autophagy, renew the digestive system, increase the repair potential of genes, and thus easily achieve a longer and healthier life with the modern Mayr Nutrition Method.

Internal Medicine Specialist Important rules of the Mayr method:

  • Eating too fast, too much, too often and too heavy is one of the leading nutritional mistakes and the Mayr method aims to teach us these behaviors .
  • Raw foods cannot be consumed after 16.00. Since our digestive system has difficulty digesting raw foods, we actually invite many important diseases without realizing it over time.
  • It is not recommended to eat after 6 pm.
  • There is a minimum 45-second chewing rule at every meal. You have to chew the food until it reaches the consistency of boza.
  • Breakfast should be at least 20 minutes and our meals should be at least 30 minutes. You must have heard from your teachers in primary school; Because digestion begins in the mouth.
  • The key point of the Mayr method is that we start the digestion of what we eat in the mouth with saliva even before it goes into the stomach.

modern mayr yontemi ile sindirim sanati dr hasan insel Digestive Art-Modern Mayr Nutrition Method

Author: Hasan İnsel
Publisher: Support Publications
Dough Type: 2. Dough
Number of Pages: 168
Dimensions: 17 x 20
Year of First Edition: 2019
Number of Editions: 1st Edition
Language: Turkish
Price: 24.00 TL

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