Foods that increase happiness

The only way to be happy on February 14 is to spend time as a couple? Get ready for those who don’t have a girlfriend! There are foods that will make you happy. Nutrition and Diet Specialist Çağatay Köşkeroğlu shared his information and suggestions about foods that are the recipe for happiness for the lonely.

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Happiness hormone, also known as serotonin neurotransmitter. It is responsible for providing communication between nerve cells. While the release of serotonin makes the individual feel happy and energetic, its deficiency can cause drowsiness, sadness and depressive effects. There are multiple ways to increase serotonin release. These; exercise, benefit from daylight, massage, stay away from stress, adequate and balanced nutrition.

Eating healthy increases happiness!

Serotonin is fed by amino acids called tryptophan. When food sources rich in tryptophan are consumed, serotonin release will increase.

Food sources that will make us happy

To increase tryptophan release, increase the consumption of milk, cheese, yogurt, red meat, eggs, while serotonin is used to increase the intake of vitamin B used during production. It is necessary to increase the consumption of fish, walnuts, peanuts, flax seeds, spinach, cauliflower and legumes. In addition, a decrease in sugar level will increase the stress situation and decrease the release of serotonin.
Therefore, foods that will keep the sugar level in balance should be consumed and snacks should be made absolutely.

Nutrition program to increase our happiness

  • Eggs, cheese, wholemeal bread for breakfast
  • Meat and meat products for lunch
  • In addition to meat consumption at dinner, legumes
  • In between meals, you can consume raw nuts such as walnuts and hazelnuts to keep the sugar level in balance and not to drop.

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