Foods that help burn belly fat

In obesity, overall body fat increases, but the increase in fat around the waist is seen as more risky by experts. This situation varies according to genetic factors and the diet of the person. The body shape with a lot of fat around the waist is called the apple type body. The lubrication in the belly brings the lubrication of the internal organs (visceral lubrication). Cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, Type 2 DM, and insulin resistance are more common in people with an apple-type body. Dietitian and Life Coach Tuğba Yaprak drew attention to the fat in the belly area and explained the foods that help to burn the fat in this area.

diyet rejim olcu bel gobek

Lubrication of the belly area; decrease in testosterone and physical activity after the age of 30 in men, increase in women after the age of 40 due to the decrease in estrogen with menopause and again due to lack of physical activity.

What are the foods that cause fat around the waist?

  • Especially high glycemic index and fatty foods are stored as fat in the body and increase lubrication in the belly area.
  • In addition, pastries, trans fats, packaged foods, carbonated and alcoholic beverages, foods high in simple sugars increase the fat in the belly area.
  • In scientific studies, it is stated that refined sugar and fructose are stored as fat in the belly area.

There are foods that increase fat in the belly area as well as foods that help burn fat. However, a miracle weight loss should not be expected with the use of these foods. According to the statements of Dietitian and Life Coach Tuğba Yaprak, if attention is paid to the intake of these foods together with a healthy diet and regular exercise, it can be observed that belly fat decreases.

Foods that help prevent fat around the waist

  • Yogurt: Yogurt has a satiating feature thanks to its protein and calcium content. In addition, the fact that yogurt can be preferred without fat also reduces its calorie value. Adding yogurt to one’s diet will help reduce the amount of fat in the belly area.
  • Eggs: Preferring eggs for breakfast is of great importance. Eggs contain the highest quality protein after breast milk and keep you full for a long time. In this way, it prevents the person from taking unnecessary calories during the day and ensures that blood sugar remains stable for a longer period of time.
  • Green tea: It has been proven by research that green tea helps in weight loss, especially with regular exercise. The catechins in green tea increase calorie loss and fat burning around the waist.
  • Quinoa: It is a frequently preferred food in recent years. It is rich in fiber, so it helps to defecate. It also helps those who have constipation problems. Vegetable protein content is high. Quinoa is also rich in iron, selenium, zinc and the antioxidant vitamin E. In this way, the swelling in the belly area will end due to adequate fiber intake.
  • Pepper: Contains high amount of vitamin C. It is a good source of antioxidants that help burn fat. When consumed with iron-containing foods, it increases the absorption of iron.

Cures created with mixtures of these nutrients also help burn belly fat. It allows the person to reach their ideal appearance by getting good results in a short time.

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