Flu vaccine warning from Health Minister Koca! In which months should the flu vaccine be given?

There has been a serious increase in death rates from coronavirus, which has affected the whole world for the past year. However, the risk of flu and pneumonia increases during these months. In order to prevent this, the Ministry of Health recommends that citizens get a pneumonia or flu vaccine as soon as possible. So, in which months should the flu vaccine be given? Those who are curious are in the details of the news:

The flu, which is seen at high rates in the autumn months, started to worry more this year compared to other years. The increased incidence of influenza and pneumonia began to frighten, as there was no definitive treatment for the coronavirus, which has been causing high deaths for about 9 months. However, the Ministry of Health made a statement to the citizens stating that they should be over the flu as soon as possible. Announcing that the body’s resistance to other viruses will overcome the diseases faster, the ministry reminded that there is no such case yet, but that the course of the disease may be more severe in a person infected with both the corona virus and the flu virus at the same time. Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, who said that new trials on coronavirus have been started in Russia, said that especially those with chronic diseases, people over the age of 65 and between the ages of 6 months and 18 years should be vaccinated against the flu.

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The flu vaccine, which is one of the easiest ways to protect against the flu, strengthens immunity against viruses and prevents the body from getting sick. During the seasonal transition, sudden changes in temperature and fluid ratios in the body affect the immune system and invite diseases. To prevent this situation, experts recommend the flu vaccine. Because the flu virus is not as innocent as it seems. In some immunocompromised people, it can even cause damage to all cells of the body in months. In a data shared by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the rate of people aged 65 and over being vaccinated by country;

South Korea: 84%
Mexico: 82%
Australia: 73%
Brazil: 71%
England: 70%
USA: 69%
Canada: 59%
Israel: 59%
Italy: 52%
Spain: 51%
Japan: 51%
Norway: 38%
Germany: 34%
Hungary: 19 %
Poland: 9 %
China: 7%
Turkey: 7%

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Headache after vomiting

Weakness in muscles and bones

Sore throat and severe coughing

runny nose, fever


For those with chronic diseases

For obesity patients

Elderly and children

It is recommended for those working in public areas and health personnel.

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When the flu virus reaches serious dimensions, it damages the brain tissues and negatively affects the person’s quality of life and body health. However, the flu vaccine supports the person to overcome this serious illness without experiencing it. Experts emphasize that the flu vaccine does not completely prevent the flu, but ensures that it passes before it reaches serious dimensions. In particular, experts MarchTo prevent this virus, which settles in the months and develops over time, Octoberand November He states that he should be vaccinated. In addition, one of the most frequent seasons is April May months. Vaccination should be done by consulting this specialist.


For babies under 6 months

People allergic to eggs

For those allergic to vaccines

For those with sensitive body and immunity

People who have the flu are not vaccinated.

NOTE: The vaccine should be given before you get the flu. At the same time, the flu vaccine may rarely cause an allergic reaction, but it does not have any serious side effects.

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