Extending life: What are the benefits of hot pepper? What happens if you consume cayenne pepper regularly?

Hot pepper, which is frequently consumed in Southeast and Eastern Anatolia, strengthens the immune system thanks to the capsaicin it contains. Bitter, a powerful antioxidant, causes heartburn or acne in some people. However, in general, the benefit outweighs the harm. It is also beneficial to consume it in consultation with a specialist. So what are the benefits of cayenne pepper?

The consumption of hot pepper, which is frequently used in Southeastern Anatolian cuisines in our country, dates back to the previous years BC. The hottest pepper is of American origin. Hot pepper, also known as gin pepper, became the raw material of Spanish cuisine with its spread from America to Europe. Hot pepper, which is used in almost every sauce and food, has been frequently used in alternative medicine. Hot pepper, which is grown and consumed differently around the world, is also a raw material in the pharmaceutical industry. Capsaicin is the most active ingredient in making pepper hot. This substance also acts as vitamin C. Hot pepper, which is also a high fiber source, is a natural miracle. Hot pepper, which almost renews the body, also causes destruction when consumed excessively. It has been noticed that hot pepper, which is the subject of research, renews cells. This has led to research on whether pepper is effective in cancer treatments. As a result of all researches, it has been proven that hot pepper regenerates the human body. Experts emphasize that when consumed regularly, unless there is any digestive problem, hot pepper protects the body against all diseases.

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Capsaicin releases endorphins in the brain, which increases the happiness hormone. During the day, the work environment, nutrition and unhealthy living conditions pave the way for both mental and physical problems such as stress and fatigue. Cayenne pepper ensures that such problems do not arise.

Containing high antioxidants, hot pepper purifies the body from all toxins. It strengthens the immune system. It meets twice the vitamin C provided by citrus fruits in one go. It strengthens the body’s mechanism system, especially in winter and seasonal transitions.

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Disruption in blood circulation adversely affects the whole body. By supporting the thinning of blood, hot pepper is also effective in preventing damage to the blood circulation that paves the way for serious diseases such as heart attack, atherosclerosis and diabetes. It prevents clotting. It lowers cholesterol and sugar. Blood flow also regulates blood pressure and prevents blood pressure.

Sinus canals are ideal places for the proliferation of infected cells. Increasing infected cells here cause diseases of the nose, ear and throat. Thanks to the antioxidants it contains, hot pepper cleans the sinus canals and eliminates the conditions that may cause diseases.

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Hot pepper has a positive effect on the digestive system, especially against constipation. It facilitates digestion by supporting the work of the intestines.

It balances the acid rate in the body. It prevents rheumatism and bone diseases, especially by preventing the increase of uric acid.


Hot pepper, which contains a high amount of solvent, has a burning effect. This affects the entire digestive system when consumed. When consumed excessively, it disrupts the substance structure of the cells here. It can even cause cancer to form. However, it prevents cancer when consumed in a limited way. Because it contains high amount of vitamin C. For this reason, experts emphasize that people can consume 3 hot peppers a day, 5 medium peppers and 8 lighter ones. Pepper, which is very hot, may predispose to perforation of the stomach wall.

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