Experts warned blood pressure patients in the corona epidemic! What are the new symptoms of coronavirus?

At these times when the highest numbers of the first wave were seen in all countries, experts warned especially citizens with chronic diseases. A separate statement was made about blood pressure patients among these diseases in the risk group. It was reminded that patients with high blood pressure who have a high risk of death should pay special attention to their diet. So what are the new symptoms of the coronavirus?

The sudden emergence of the Corona virus has mobilized all the states of the world. Corona virus, which causes death, bankrupts the lung. also the World Health Organization Detailed studies have begun on the virus that activates it. The Corona virus, which was detected for the first time in 1960, was found to descend from the nasal cavities to the lungs. The coronavirus, which causes severe deformation in all cells here, causes complete damage to the lung. However, the patient first mild nasal congestion and coughing symptoms Because it shows, the person does not realize that he has contracted the corona virus. This leads to the process that allows the virus to progress rapidly in the body. It is transmitted from animals to humans and from person to person by respiratory route. In this process, viruses often mutate. He stated that the coronavirus, which was seen in the last month of 2019 and has affected the whole world since the third month of 2020, is 80 percent similar to the Sars-Cov virus.


Since the coronavirus can form infectious clots in the blood, sudden rise or decrease in blood pressure in blood pressure patients leads to occlusion of blood vessels. This increases the rate of death of blood pressure patients when they catch the coronavirus. In addition, the risk rate increases gradually in people who have high blood pressure and smoke.

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As of June 1, a normal life was resumed. However, experts underlined that normal life is not comfortable and warned. Medipol Mega University Hospital Chest Diseases specialist who caught and survived the coronavirus prof. Assoc. Muhammed Emin Akkoyunlu, He explained how the normalization process should be. At the same time, one of the most curious problems, can the virus be transmitted from the pool and the sea? answered the question:


According to the calendar prepared by Hacettepe University’s research commission, the symptoms of the coronavirus that emerged day by day were announced. Some experts claimed that some of the symptoms changed as they first appeared in China. It was also stated that the virus is mostly experienced in Italy as seen in China. The day-to-day symptoms of the virus, where the number of cases is increasing;


Symptoms similar to those of upper respiratory tract diseases are observed. Mild fever and sore throat are followed by nausea and diarrhea in people with weak immunity.


The severity of the sore throat gradually increases. There is hoarseness in the voice. Difficulty in swallowing is seen in the activity of eating and drinking. Diarrhea continues with mild headache.


The severity of sore throat also increases abnormally. While eating and drinking becomes very painful, severe pains are seen in the bones and joints during movement.


Dry cough and excessive throat irritation are experienced. All other symptoms become increasingly severe For example; Sore throat worsens when talking and swallowing. Severe fatigue begins. Nausea increases. Sometimes there is difficulty in breathing. In addition, diarrhea and vomiting are exacerbated.


The fever suddenly rises to 38 degrees. Cough and sputum become very severe. Vomiting becomes very severe with body and headaches.


There is respiratory distress. The chest area feels very heavy. Head and joint pains increase with coughing. Body temperature rises above 38 degrees.


All symptoms increase in intensity. Blushing is seen on the face or lips. Cough and sputum become very severe. Vomiting becomes very severe with body and headaches. If you have these symptoms, seek medical help immediately.

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The coronavirus, which emerged in China in December and started with cough and high fever according to the first statements, changed its course today. The virus, whose most severe symptoms are still fever and coughing, showed different symptoms in different people. After some people who applied to hospitals complained of burning eyes and watering, the positive test for coronavirus proved to be new symptoms of the virus. Kiss. Dr. Ertan Sunay made the following statement on this subject:

“We could not make sense of this situation in one of our patients who applied to our hospital with the complaint of pain and bleeding in the eye last week. We could not find any disease in the examination. During this period, we followed our patient closely, informed them about the quarantine conditions, and sent him home. During our daily patient follow-up, our patient had a sudden onset of fever and fever. We were informed that he was hospitalized due to coughing and that the Covid-19 test was positive, fortunately, this patient recovered quickly and returned home to his loved ones.We contacted our doctor colleagues in the Covid-19 pandemic hospitals in Turkey and internationally to get a quick response on the eye symptoms of the patients. We started the consultation process. International articles, all our scientific research and interviews with our colleagues showed us that we decided that one out of every 3 Covid-19 patients had symptoms of some eye disease.”



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Making an interesting statement about the virus, Prof. Dr. Canan Karatay said that the vaccine will be too late for the virus. Karatay, “You can’t vaccinate against the coronavirus epidemic. In a healthy cell, the doors don’t open like a castle door and we don’t get sick. That’s why I say that, we will eat naturally. Viruses and flus come out every year, there is no vaccine for it. The only vaccine is to make our own cells strong and healthy.”While he was making his statements, a listener was asked about the vaccine. “I am not a pediatrician, I am against the flu vaccine. Look, the coronavirus came out. The flu strain used this year was made against the viruses of 2016. They produced 3 crofinya viruses and they are making it this year. You see, brother, you cannot vaccinate against the coronavirus epidemic. They said it will come out in 18 months and 24 months.” There are 7 types of coronavirus now. They are no different from other viruses. They don’t leave ash in the barbecue. Virus means it can be in a living body, in an animal, in a plant, it can live, grow and not live in a dry place. In a healthy cell, the doors do not open like a castle door and we do not get sick. I love it “He replied with his words.

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At the same time, Karatay also talked about ways to protect himself from the virus. The famous doctor said that the healthiest aspect of protection from the virus is to strengthen the immune system. He emphasized that the most natural way to strengthen immunity is through head trousers. Also, Karatay “Cabbage, radishes, celery, garlic, onions, beets, these are all very important. All of these are in the soil. Nature already guides you, it says to eat them in winter. We don’t know what viruses we will encounter next year. Influenza viruses always change their coats.”also used his words.

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President of the Infectious Diseases Association, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ceyhan states that some situations should be considered in daily life in order to be protected from coronavirus. Ceyhan emphasized that money is produced from linen and cotton, so it is one of the places that the virus prefers in terms of adhesion. He also stated that the clothes worn outside should either be washed during that day or ventilated for about 6 hours. He said that since the virus is closer to the ground in the air environment, it should not go inside with shoes and hands should be disinfected immediately after contact with shoes. Finally, he said that the packages of the cargo and packaged services should be immediately taken out, put in a bag and taken out of the house, and the hands and the other package should be washed.


Corona virus, which started to spread rapidly, about Infectious Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Ergin Çiftçi made special statements. Stating that the effects of the virus vary according to age and gender, Çiftçi emphasized that smokers are at a greater risk. Specialist “Women seem a little more fortunate in this respect, but there are different reasons here. We can say that smoking is among them. As a result, smoking impairs lung functions and makes the body more vulnerable to many diseases. But it should not be forgotten that although children, the elderly, men And although there is a difference as women, we see that this disease covers both sexes and all ages. The severity of the disease can vary and therefore there is no such thing as women feeling safer and men feeling more risky. As a result, we are all at risk and we take our protection measures from it. “It’s not something we can trust or feel worse about, but the statistics are there for now and these numbers may change over time.”he said.

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Although it has just become widespread, there is no definite treatment for the corona virus, which causes deaths. Medipol Mega University Hospital Infection and Clinical Microbiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Bahadır Ceylan answered the questions about the corona virus:



It is transmitted from person to person through air and contact. It spreads rapidly, especially in public areas. However, it is not clear how it is transmitted from animal to human. Since the Corona virus can live up to an hour after contact with the air, it is necessary to stay away from the environments where it occurs. Therefore, a serious disinfection was carried out in the quarantine zone at the Chinese airport. However, experts made statements that it would be more beneficial to cancel flights unless necessary. It continues by settling in the sinus tracts in the human body. Although it overlaps with the Sars virus, it does not cause fever in the first days. Fever occurs as soon as the body realizes the corona virus.

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It starts out like the normal flu. However, after 3 days, severe cough continues with chest pain. Since it completes the incubation period, it quickly reduces the body’s resistance. Day by day, symptoms such as fever, sweating, dry mouth, phlegm cough, congestion in the sinus tract, and difficulty in breathing are experienced. Symptoms increase in severity day by day. Although the immune system produces antibodies, this completely negatively affects the functions of the body. Pain is seen in bones exposed to excessive fire. some experts He emphasizes that it is not as serious a virus as Sars, but if it is not detected immediately, it will lead to death.

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The effects of the virus vary according to the patient’s immune system. Experts say that in some people, it is mild without experiencing severe symptoms. He states that drug therapy is provided in this. However, especially those with weak immunity Vitamin C and D deficiency It progresses severely in people with For this, fluid support is provided at the beginning of the treatment. Because the corona virus causes rapid loss of fluid in the body. The fire is lowered. At the same time, high doses of painkillers are given for pain. Experts say rest is very important. It is also stated that it is healthier to stay away from areas where the virus is common.

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The coronavirus, which frightened the whole world, mobilized scientists. Scientists working day and night to develop a special vaccine made a statement about the vaccine. It was said that the vaccine of the coronavirus, whose death toll has increased to 213, will be completed within 20 months. It was announced that the number of people infected with the virus was 9 thousand 809 people. In addition, Turkish scientists are also making statements about taking precautions about viruses. prof. Dr. Oğuz Karabay said that there are simple ways to protect against viruses. He emphasized that in addition to onions and garlic, which have been missing from Anatolian cuisine for centuries, the cologne we serve when a guest comes is an effective way to prevent viruses. In addition, Karabay said that the news that viruses are deadly is false. The famous doctor also explained that the only reason why it is fatal is that it is valid for people with weak immunity and who are not cleaned enough.

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