Experts warned! Aspirin can lead to death

A new one has been added to the debate over aspirin for years. US scientists stated that aspirin invites different diseases, especially in people aged 40 and over, even at the lowest dose. It can even cause severe death.

A group called the US Preventive Services Task Force released the data they obtained as a result of their volunteer work. He stated that aspirin, which was one of the most used drugs in the past, no longer has an effect.

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aspirin can cause death

Underlining that the side effects differ according to age groups, scientists explained the diseases that low-dose aspirin can cause. He said that it invites heart attacks in patients over 50 years of age. It was underlined that it may cause digestive bleeding in patients over 60 years of age.

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aspirin is more harmful in the elderly


It was reminded that the side effects of aspirin are low until the age of 40, but these effects are high for those aged 50 years and with chronic diseases. Aspirin, which has painkiller properties, can thin the blood and lead to heart attack, stroke and blood pressure. Usage should be under expert control.

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