Experts warn: Positive effect of dairy products on breast cancer

Experts warned during the awareness week about breast cancer, which is the most common one in women worldwide, and that men can experience it.

In Breast Cancer Awareness Month, experts made important statements about cancer diseases. Talking about the risk of getting breast cancer especially due to the decreasing amount of hormones, Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Hakan Karagöl reminded that bedrooms should receive more light.

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Reminding the importance of early treatment, Karagöl started his statements with these words:

“Breast cancer is seen 70 percent more in those whose bedrooms are not completely dark due to street lamps. In the study, the excretion of melatonin in the urine of women who work night shifts is 1/3 less. In this case, melatonin is less than 1/3 in the blood. Because melatonin levels decrease. Melatonin is also effective on the female hormone estrogen, apart from clock genes. Melatonin deficiency causes excessive secretion of the female hormone, which is one of the important factors in breast cancer. There was an increase of 70.

Karagöl reminded that breast cancer, which is also likely to be seen in men, exhibits almost the same characteristics in both genders. In addition, Karagöl reminded that the biggest factor in the decrease of 27 percent of breast cancer in Asian countries is milk and dairy products. He underlined that dairy products, which are natural probiotics, prevent the cells in the body from mutating.

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