Experts suggested: sleep well for ample antibodies after vaccination

The pandemic lifestyle brought by the corona virus most affected our sleep state. In addition, with the arrival of the vaccine, a new statement came from the experts. The importance of sleep was reminded to reduce the effects of the vaccine.

Sleep problems increased with working from home. This negatively affected both physical and mental life. Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty Neurology Science Tuesday Sleep Disorders Center Responsible Prof. Dr. Derya Karadeniz explained the questions about sleep problems.

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– Stating that excessive stress negatively affects sleep, Karadeniz stated that not treating sleeping sickness will increase the disease.

Sleep is very important for the health of the physical and mental state. In addition, sleep is essential to strengthen the immune system.

Sleep disorder affects immunity negatively. The body needs to rest during the sleep process, and if the body does not rest enough, it cannot renew the cells. Immunity is also weakened.

– This situation is valid in the vaccine, those who have the vaccine need to sleep and rest frequently. After vaccination, good sleep should be done for plenty of antibodies.

– Since sleep weakens immunity, it increases the possibility of catching and suffering from Corona.

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