Exercise recommendations for type 2 diabetes patients improve their quality of life!

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One of the health-threatening health problems is Type 2 diabetes. Suggestions to help you cope with Type 2 diabetes, which affects people’s quality of life negatively, and to increase your quality of life, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Askin Nasırcılar answered the questions about the subject. Exercises that increase the quality of life of Type 2 Diabetes patients will help you both eliminate your weight problem and control your health.

According to studies, less than 40% of people diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
Specialist Dr. Aşkın Nasırcılar, “Exercise affects the health status of a diabetes patient.
It is one of the best things he can do to improve blood sugar control and lower it to an acceptable level.” he said.

What Are the Benefits of Exercise for Diabetes Patients?

Stating that exercise is a great method for diabetics, Dr. Over
Nassercilar, Exercise helps to improve blood flow and oxygen level in the body; this makes you feel better. It also helps you lose weight and improve your balance. Increases bone density and strengthens muscles so you can keep moving ” used the expressions.

Exercise increases energy level, accelerates metabolism, burns fat,
many of which control glucose level and increase mental acuity and clarity.
Stating that it has been proven with a study, Nasırcılar said, “ Three main benefits that diabetes patients will gain with regular exercise; controlling blood sugar levels, muscle strength Losing weight while increasing will increase energy and endurance.” said.

How Should Type 2 Diabetes Patients Exercise?

The type and frequency of exercise can be determined according to the patient’s own preferences.
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Transcendent Nasircılar, “ your exercise
Continuity is extremely important in terms of being beneficial. everyone’s love He has a type of exercise to do. However, some exercises may be more suitable for Type 2 Diabetes patients because they are easy to apply. ” said. exp. Dr. Askin Nasırcılar listed the exercises he recommends for Type 2 Diabetes patients as follows:

– Walk: Walking is a great exercise program, especially for diabetics. Even people who have trouble standing or walking constantly can benefit from short walks. In this way, the exercise level can be taken one step further by increasing the walking speed level by level. Walking at a moderate pace helps to strengthen the functions of the heart, increase blood and oxygen flow, burn excess fat and sugar, and thus allow the diabetic to maintain the target blood sugar range more easily.

– Tai Chi: The tai chi exercise method focuses on strengthening balance and endurance, as well as building muscle and strengthening bones and joints. It is one of the lightest martial arts to do and is a great example of how diabetics can benefit from exercise, even if the effect is mild. It is an excellent method that can benefit people with type 2 diabetes and helps them improve their overall health and quality of life.

– Yoga: Yoga, which you can do as often as you want, has a mild effect and does not require a special work environment. All you need is a comfortable and quiet environment. Studies have shown that yoga and meditation help reduce depression and anxiety, and have proven to have a significant stress-relieving effect on chronic health problems, including diabetes. We recommend incorporating yoga into your workouts every day of the week!

– Weight Training: Adding some weight training to your weekly workout routine will be great for anyone, but diabetics can benefit twice as much from increased effort and fat-busting repetitions with this type of exercise. Weight training helps build muscle and burn fat, and is very effective in reducing excess glucose and sugar levels to normal. You can do any weight and resistance training using your own body weight, with leg exercises, resistance bands, hand and wrist weights, machine weights or body exercises.

– Exercise Bike: Another exercise that is highly recommended for people with Type 2 Diabetes is cycling. Cycling is a great exercise for the body because it greatly increases blood flow to the legs, which is a major problem for many diabetics, and also helps you maintain your weight and keep your blood sugar levels under control. You can cycle regularly, but you may need to take extra care to prevent injury and minimize the risk of falling.

– Swimming; It is one of the best forms of exercise and is also very beneficial for diabetics as it has almost no effect on the joints. Many people who suffer from uncontrolled diabetes primarily suffer from nerve pain in the feet and legs, so they think that activities such as walking and running are difficult for them. Swimming provides an opportunity to get a good workout without that feeling of pain and discomfort.

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