Effect of colors on psychology

From clothing to make-up, from decoration to food, from marketing to personality analysis, we choose the colors that we encounter in every aspect of daily life, sometimes according to our feelings and sometimes according to trends. Well, are we aware of the effect of colors on our psychology?

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Personal Development and Color Specialist Hilal İnan, who touched on the effects of colors in our lives, answered our questions exclusively for Pudra.com and the effects of colors on our psychology. He wrote a very good article on it. We share this article with you.

It is possible to make positive contributions to our psychology by using colors!

Studies have shown that people with high levels of anxiety prefer black, those with high levels of depression prefer gray, those with high impulsivity scores mostly prefer yellow and purple, as well as blue and black. While people feel very comfortable with the color that suits them, they feel uneasy with other colors.

The psychological effect of colors has been proven both theoretically and experimentally. Colors that have positive effects when used correctly in the treatment of diseases also bring success when chosen correctly in business life.

There are positive and negative effects that each color reflects to the extent that it suits the person. The primary colors are suitable for everyone, but the hues visibly make an impact.

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For example, red is the color of courage, energy and excitement. But a different shade of red, which is not suitable for the person, can give the effect of aggression and anger.

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In the California city prison, inmates are housed in cells painted in cool blue and warm pink colors. After a while, it was observed that the distress of the detainees in the pink room increased significantly, while those in the blue room calmed down.

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Orange, the color of new beginnings, is a color used in the treatment of psychological disorders. Because with the energy it contains, patients begin to look at life in a more positive way.

Energy integrates with color and when you are complemented by colors, your energy becomes stronger. If you do not find your energy strong, if you complete it with a color, it will positively affect your success. That’s why you start your day with the mirror test, if you look at your reflection, your energy reflection in the mirror before leaving the house and approve yourself, you don’t need anyone to approve you during the day.

Hope you look at the colors of your life again,
Personal Development Consultant and Color Specialist Hilal Inan

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