Early diagnosis is very important in goiter!

If the thyroid glands work too much or work less, if not intervened early, it can cause bad tumor formation. It manifests itself by bulging outward from the middle part of the throat.

Incorrect secretion, which occurs due to too much or too little work of the butterfly-shaped triody gland in the part of the neck called the Adam’s apple, causes goiter. The body’s production of too many antibodies also negatively affects the functioning of these glands. In particular, goiter is triggered due to the increased unbalanced secretion of hormones. Those with a family history of trio, anemia, diabetes, high cholesterol and heavy smokers are at risk. When the thyroid glands work hard, it manifests itself with weight loss and the desire to urinate frequently, despite having an appetite. Under-functioning of the glands disrupts the menstrual cycle, increases constipation and reduces resistance to cold.

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Avrasya Hospital Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Sedat Işık explained that early diagnosis is an important point in the progression of the disease with the following words:

“Diagnosis and treatment of goiter vary according to the diseases that cause growth. After the causative disease is determined, a method determined by the doctor and the patient is selected for treatment. These methods are drug therapy, surgical intervention and radioactive iodine therapy.

This hormone is given in the form of medicine to patients with goiter with hormone deficiency. Patients with hormone excess are given drugs to prevent hormone production. When the hormone level returns to normal, surgery or treatment with radioactive iodine is performed. In cases where there is no hormone imbalance but nodules in the thyroid gland, surgical intervention is applied.

Stating that it is seen more in women than men, Işık underlined that proper nutrition is beneficial for the course of the disease. She also stated that omega-3 fatty acids make foods work healthier.

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