Don’t get sick during seasonal changes

Seasonal changes are a harbinger of diseases for many people. Sudden changes in environmental factors such as decrease in temperature, wind and rain cause more frequent problems both physically and psychologically. ENT and Audiology Specialist Dr. Tuna Edge shared important information for those who want to get through the seasonal transitions more easily.

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Stating that warming and cooling in air temperatures stress the body, ENT and Audiology Specialist Dr. Tuna Edge says that this can weaken the immune system and make the body susceptible to many diseases.

Tuna Edge explains the health problems that are frequently encountered during the transition of the seasons as follows:

  • “The first organs that come into contact with the external environment are the upper respiratory tract, skin and eyes. During this period, upper respiratory tract infections are most common.
  • In addition to physiological problems such as allergic reactions due to cold air, dust and pollen, intestinal infections, it can also cause psychological problems such as depression, insomnia, weakness and reluctance.
  • Disorders such as weight gain, excessive water retention, migraine attacks, digestive disorders, hair loss, hormonal imbalances are common complaints during seasonal changes.
  • People may also complain of musculoskeletal pain.”

What should be done to get through the seasons easily?

  • Vitamin and mineral rich foods and especially seasonal fruits should be consumed
  • Plenty of water should be drunk
  • Smoking and alcohol should be avoided
  • Closed If you are going to be in a place, the environment should be clean and well ventilated
  • You should dress appropriately for the season and outdoor temperature, follow the daily weather changes and wear appropriate clothing and accessories (hat, raincoat, cardigan, umbrella, beret, scarf, glasses, etc.).
  • Stress-inducing situations should be avoided
  • You should spend time outside when the weather is clean and sunny and move a lot
  • Regular sports should be done but excessive tiring effort should be avoided, in case of pain, the effort should be interrupted.

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