Don’t get sick during seasonal changes

The stronger your immune system, the less risk you have of getting sick. Vitamin C, which contains a high amount of antioxidants; Prevents cellular damage as well as colds. Vitamin C also has a restorative effect on wrinkles and other skin problems.

With the turn of the season into summer, an increase in the hormone serotonin secreted in the body occurs. While the sun meets the body’s need for vitamin E; Along with the serotonin hormone, feelings such as stress, restlessness and pessimism leave their place to happiness.


In addition to all these positive aspects of seasonal transitions on health, there are also negative effects. Your body is vulnerable to germs and infections, especially during seasonal changes. The immune system is an incredible defense network against infections, viruses and bacteria that enter the body. The stronger your immune system, the less chance you have of getting sick.

If you are sick, you can easily overcome your illness thanks to the strength of your immune system. Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables that contain immune-boosting antioxidants and vitamins helps you maintain a healthy immune system. Take care to consume these foods in season.

Here is Assoc. Dr. Halit Yerebakan, step by step, talked about the foods that protect you from getting sick during seasonal transitions…

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Speeds up metabolism


The benefits of lemon, which is a storehouse of vitamin C, are endless. Consumption of lemon juice facilitates digestion, helps liver detox, delays aging, accelerates metabolism, provides positive effects against depression and anxiety, prevents the formation of cancer cells and is protective against inflammation. Lemons contain high amounts of antioxidants. These antioxidants prevent cellular damage and have a restorative effect on aging wrinkles and other skin problems.

For a good lemon, it is useful to look at the freshness of the lemon before buying it. Adding 1/2 tablespoon of lemon juice per glass of vitamin C you drink provides about 20 percent of your daily requirement. This great antioxidant fights heart disease while also boosting immunity, healing tendons, bones and blood vessels. You can add two slices of lemon to your tea or other beverages to fill your daily vitamin C quota.

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Regulates the digestive system


Due to the dense fiber it contains, it is a fruit that is friendly to the digestive system. It also helps you to spend the winter months away from diseases because it is rich in vitamin C. Eating an apple every day will also help you lose weight as it will regulate the digestive system. Apples are also rich in quercetin, which is found in onions, garlic, cabbage, watermelon and cauliflower, which strengthens the body’s immune system.



You have all heard that it is extremely important especially for liver health. Artichokes are also rich in fiber, which is the digestive system’s best friend. It also cleanses the body of toxins.

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Those who drink a lot of water are also resistant to cancer

Another way to keep the body resistant during seasonal changes is through the consumption of plenty of water. According to researchers from Dartmouth Medical School; Individuals who consume water regularly have a stronger immune system. In particular, individuals who consume good water are more resistant to cancer.

Do not forget to include the green onion that comes with spring in your meals. This miracle vegetable has a high amount of vitamin C, especially in its body. Green onion removes edema, is good for swelling problems, it is perfect for colds, skin diseases and fatigue.

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against infections


It is one of the most preferred vegetables with its easy cooking and delicious taste. Regular consumption of mushrooms; Eliminates the body’s lack of vitamins A, B and C. It is heart-friendly with the calcium and proteins it contains. In addition, zinc and iron, which are abundant in mushrooms, are good for anemia. Fungi protect the immune system from germs and infections.

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