Does lemon water make you lose weight? Expert explains!

Does drinking lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach weaken or is it a myth? Let’s learn about the subject from an expert: Dietitian Mine Bilge talks about the benefits of lemon water and its effect on weight loss.

Dietitian Mine Bilge talks about the benefits of lemon water.

At the end of our special news, you can find the fruity detox water recipe that supports the weight loss process. Moreover, it is economical and practical.

  1. Is drinking lemon water really beneficial?

Keep the healthy lemon in your kitchen

Lemon is beneficial for our health in terms of rich nutrients it contains. Drinking a glass of water with lemon can help stimulate the digestive system. When you wake up in the morning, after brushing your teeth, you can drink a glass of water with lemon. This helps regulate your bowel movements.

In addition, various scientific studies show that lemon has fat-burning and liver-cleansing properties. In summary, water with lemon can help you lose weight.

  1. What is the lemon water recipe, how is it made?

Making lemon water is really easy

In fact, it is a very easy recipe, but there are points to be considered. You should definitely use freshly squeezed real lemon juice. Add the juice of half a lemon into a glass of room temperature water and mix.

Sip sip and drink your water for healing purposes. Then have your healthy and nutritious breakfast.

  1. Does it help burn fat?

Supports weight loss with diet and sports

Lemon has vitamin C. There is some research to suggest that vitamin C plays a role in metabolizing fat in the body. “ American Clinical NutritionA study published in the journal ” states that participants who took adequate amounts of vitamin C had increased fat burning during exercise.

Researchers say that those who take enough vitamin C can have a lower body mass index level. Vitamin C alone does not have a weakening effect, but those who consume enough vitamin C during exercise have better fat burning, so they lose weight.

  1. Does lemon water have a detox effect?

May help cleanse the liver

Due to the citric acid in its content, it increases the enzyme activity and cleans the liver, thus accelerating the excretion of toxic substances. Accumulation of toxic substances in the body causes loss of elasticity in your skin and increases wrinkles. Lemon water has a great anti-aging effect.

  1. What is the lemon detox water recipe?

Lemon can be added to detox water.

You can prepare lemon detox water to drink throughout the day. With the beneficial properties I mentioned above, it can be beneficial for both your health and weight loss.


  • One liter of room temperature water
  • one lemon
  • One cucumber
  • One cinnamon stick

Preparation of,

Slice the lemon and cucumber after washing them with plenty of water.

Take a liter of water, lemon, cucumber and cinnamon stick in the pitcher.

Let it sit for three hours and the lemon detox water will be ready.

  1. When should you drink lemon water?

Lemon water good luck and healing

You can drink a large glass of lemon detox water, which I have described above, especially before meals. You can consume the remainder at intervals throughout the day.

Practical information:Cinnamon, which helps control blood sugar, which has been proven by research, will also help you lose weight while controlling your appetite.

Reward yourself by drinking lemon water

I find it necessary to point out: Alone drinking lemon water does not weaken. It must be accompanied by a program of exercise and a balanced diet.

We, as the “High Heels” women’s portal, would like to thank dietitian Mine Bilge for the valuable information she shared about water with lemon.

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