Doctors warn: If you have reflux, do not delay your treatment!

Reflux, which is one of the most common digestive problems in society, increases its severity and negatively affects the quality of life. Early and continuous treatment are very important points in this issue.

Reflux, which is considered the most common stomach disease, manifests itself with symptoms such as chest burning or abdominal swelling. When the treatment of this process is disrupted, it can lead to serious different health problems. Gastroenterology specialist doctor Senem Küçükbaş said that the acid caused by long-term reflux complaints negatively affects bile.

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sleep after dinner

Underlining the increase in such problems especially after meals, Küçükbaş said that you often show symptoms such as hiccups, difficulty in swallowing and hoarseness in the morning. He also gave some warnings to prevent reflux:

Get some sleep after dinner.

Eat little food.

Avoid spices and processed foods during the day.

Avoid caffeine and nicotine.

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