Do not forget to disinfect the glasses lenses, which are virus shields for the eyes!

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In the coronavirus epidemic that shook the whole world, it is known that viruses can be transmitted by contact with tears and eyes, as well as the mouth and nose. The most important way to protect yourself from the virus is to stay isolated and pay attention to personal hygiene. When going out under mandatory conditions, experts recommend using glasses as well as masks. Eyeglass lenses partially prevent the direct entry of airborne viruses into the eyes.
It becomes necessary because it prevents eye contact and restricts eye contact. In addition, it is recommended that the glasses glasses be disinfected after going out in mandatory situations and that they are purified from viruses that are likely to adhere to the glass. So what should be considered when cleaning eyeglasses? Hoya Turkey Sales and Marketing Director Hakan Kayra explains the important steps to be followed.

Keep your glasses away from alcoholic cosmetics

Trying to clean your optical glass with cosmetic products or acetone will damage the coating of the glass. Hoya Turkey Sales and Marketing Director Hakan Kayra stated that the solutions used for disinfecting hands can damage the glasses lenses and coatings due to their alcohol content.
underlines. Kayra said, “Warm water and soap are sufficient for cleaning the glasses. Sharper and alcoholic liquids will cause the coating on the glass to deteriorate. It is sufficient to clean your glasses with soap, run them through warm water and dry the water droplets remaining on the surface with a microfiber cloth. ‘ says.

Get a microfiber cleaning cloth

Different tissues such as paper towels, newspapers and t-shirts should not be used for cleaning the glasses. Microfiber cloths not only remove dust and dirt, but also prevent scratching the glasses. You can get microfiber cloths from optical stores.

Be sure to use glasses case

When you need to take off your glasses when you are outside, you should definitely put your glasses in their case. You should never leave the glasses in a place where there is excessive contact and may contain viruses, do not put them on the head, you should only keep them in the glasses case.

Do not leave it close to a heat source or in the sun

Experts state that clothes or grocery bags can be left in the sun to protect against viruses; but this process is not suitable for eyeglass lenses. Eyeglass lenses can be damaged if left in the sun or near any heat source. Instead, it will be enough to disinfect your glasses with soap and warm water and then dry them using a microfiber cloth.

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