Dizziness that comes on suddenly can be vertigo

Otorhinolaryngology Specialist Op. Dr. We asked İbrahim Akın.

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1- Could you give brief information about vertigo?

First of all, I would like to talk about a term that is often misused. Vertigo is not a disease, it is a complaint. The Turkish meaning is vertigo. Vertigo can be caused by many diseases. What we are talking about here is the positional vertigo complaint, which is also known as the displacement of the crystals among the people caused by the inner ear structure.

There are 3 semicircular canals in the inner ear that sense the angular movements of the head by positioning them in all three axes perpendicular to each other. The disease caused by calcium carbonate crystals in these channels and causing dizziness is called positional vertigo.

These patients generally have a complaint of dizziness that occurs with sudden head movements. This disease, which seriously affects people’s daily lives, can be diagnosed with a detailed examination and patients can be healed with therapeutic maneuvers specific to the semicircular canal where the problem is present. Today, these examinations and therapeutic maneuvers are not performed for many patients, and they are expected to recover only with drug treatment.

2- When should we suspect this disease?
It should be kept in mind for short-term dizziness that occurs suddenly, increases with sudden head movements. An Ear Nose and Throat Specialist should be consulted as soon as possible.

3- Could you give information about the diagnosis and treatment of the disease?
Positional vertigo is diagnosed with a detailed history, a complete otolaryngology examination and appropriate maneuver tests. The treatment is carried out by a specialist physician according to the type and direction of the semicircular canal where the problem originates.

Sometimes it is an extremely wrong practice for patients to do some head exercises that they found through their own research. It can also exacerbate the existing disease. It is important that the treatment is done by a specialist.

In the positional vertigo treatment performed by a specialist doctor, patients recover significantly in 24 hours with appropriate maneuvers. Very rarely, 2nd and 3rd sessions may be needed.

After the sessions, we recommend patients to avoid sudden head movements and to lie on a high pillow for a while.

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