Dangerous foods awaiting us and our children in Eid-al-Fitr

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Our holidays, which are the best examples of the intergenerational transfer of our cultural values, preserve their characteristics as precious times when families come together, or at least when voices are heard and images are seen through communication tools.

Children celebrate Ramadan holiday They know it as “candy feast”. They leave the doors they knock with their pockets and bags full of candies and chocolates. The first treat to the guests is made with sugar. After a little chat, we move on to the dessert part. Teas and coffees are drunk with lots of sugar, carbonated drinks and lemonades accompany desserts in hot weather. The phrase “Let’s eat sweet, talk sweetly” is an interesting message that shows that the conversation will continue with dessert, which is said to eliminate resentments and to achieve reconciliation.

In a way, it tells the effect of the foods we consume on our psychology. If we are eating sweets, it contains sub-meanings such as we should not talk hurtfully, we should take it from the bottom, we should empathize.

We cannot say that every social ritual we pass on to our children is beneficial. The habits that we pass on without questioning just because we saw it can sometimes negatively affect mental and physical health.

All the food and beverages we consume have the potential to be beneficial when taken in moderation, and harmful when taken in excess. In our society, especially sugar consumption is at an excessive and even dangerous level compared to other societies.

Be careful not to overdo it

Foods and beverages containing processed sugar limit the activity of carbohydrates and proteins by feeding pathogens in the gut and other parts of the body. In other words, excess sugar entering our body has an effect that disrupts the balance of our entire metabolism, especially intestinal functions. Since fruits, which are a source of simple sugar, do not contain this feature, they can be consumed easily, provided that they do not overdo it.

Excessive sugar consumption disrupts the balance of metabolism

Excessive sugar consumption during holidays is a situation that both disrupts the balance of our metabolism and threatens oral and dental health in our society, which has failed in this regard. It is not possible not to offer it and to refuse what is offered during the feast, whose name is candy, but it is also possible to know that visits are not limited to a single household and not to be insistent.

It’s been a long time since there were no greenhouses and the fruit was eaten only in season. It is now possible to consume fruit suitable for every budget in every season. So, let’s change the name of this holiday to “fruit holiday” with a radical decision. Let’s offer sliced ​​fruits to the children knocking on our door, let’s offer fruit plates to our guests. Let the fruits that contain both the vitamins that will protect our health and the harmless sugar we need be indispensable for our holiday. Who can say no to an icy watermelon in this hot weather?

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