Correct your posture and drink water for spinal health!

Spine; it acts as a shield that protects the nervous system, lung and heart health. Stating that excess weight should be avoided for spine health, experts warn that regular physical activity should be done. Proper posture and drinking plenty of water are also good for spinal health. Brain Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Uzm. Dr. Abdullah Şarlak gave important information about spinal health.

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Protects the spine, heart and lungs

“Our spine is a carrier system consisting of 33 bones. Abdullah Şarlak said that these bones are connected to each other by joints, connective tissue and cushions called discs. With this system that carries our head, we stand and lean forward, backward and sideways. It protects our heart and lungs together with the rib cage. It protects the nervous system that commands our torso, arms and legs by carrying it within it.
Exp. Dr. Abdullah Şarlak gave the following information about spinal diseases:

Scoliosis is detected during adolescence

“It is the bending of the spine to the side (right or left). It can also rotate around itself. It is detected during the rapid growth process, especially during adolescence. The unevenness of the shoulders, waist folds and scapula (shoulder bones) is striking. The rib cage may appear to be displaced. It happens due to genetic predisposition. It can be treated with early diagnosis.

Humpback is life-threatening in children

It is the deterioration that occurs in the forward back region. It can occur during adolescence and later in life. There may be life-threatening risks of the type occurring in children. It happens due to genetic predisposition. With early diagnosis, it can be treated without causing further health problems. It can be confused with posture disorder, especially seen in adolescent girls. This can be corrected with exercise that increases muscle strength.

Herniated disc can cause great damage

It occurs as a result of the deterioration of the discs that act as a buffer between the vertebrae. Patients experience low back pain, numbness and weakness in the legs. It can cause damage that can go up to surgery.”
The corset has no benefit for the spine health

Stating that the corset has no benefit for the spine health, Uzm. Dr. Abdullah Şarlak listed the things that should be done to protect the health of the spine as follows:

Things to consider for a healthy spine
1. Drink plenty of water.
2. 5 days a week; Get regular physical activity for 45 minutes a day.
3. Get rid of extra pounds. Obesity and inactivity increase spinal problems.
4. Maintain a proper posture. Thus, you can provide an aesthetic appearance without pain.
5. First of all, strong muscles are required for a strong muscle structure. Achieve this with walking, jogging and swimming.
6. Eat well; especially fish and vegetables.

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