Consume probiotics for weight control

Weight control is part of a healthy life. We have become more familiar with concepts such as probiotics and prebiotics, as kefir, which has been made in our homes with traditional methods since ancient times, has also found its place on the market shelves in recent years. Studies show that some probiotics in the healthy microbiota are also effective in weight control. So what are these probiotics?

kefir probiyotik

Scientists emphasize the importance of probiotics, which fight a relentless fight against microbes in strengthening the immune system, eliminating digestive problems and protecting children’s health. If you say “So what is this probiotic”, we can explain it in its simplest form:

Probiotics mean friendly, live bacteria that protect the body from harmful microorganisms, ensure the regular functioning of the digestive system, and are friendly to our organism. Foods containing live microorganisms are also called “probiotic foods”. Kefir is one of them.

Probiotics, which help to form a healthy microbiota and regulate the digestive system, also provide benefits for weight control. Providing control of body fat mass and reduction of fat around the waist; Probiotics, which control abdominal adiposity, increase the production of short-chain fatty acids and decrease energy intake.

If you want more details about probiotics and their benefits that we cannot count, you can check our news below:

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