Common misconceptions about breast cancer

Approximately 1 million 300 thousand women in the world are fighting with breast cancer. However, with hearsay information, this situation is getting more serious day by day. Here are the misconceptions about breast cancer in the community.

In the researches, known mistakes in the society increase the risk of developing cancer day by day. Experts especially emphasize that misconceptions about breast cancer make this situation even more dangerous.


FALSE:Narrow sIt happens that braces cause breast cancer.

TRUE:Tight bras do not cause breast cancer. Breast cancer is a hereditary disease that develops due to bad tumor cells.

FALSE:Birth control pills increase the risk of cancer.

TRUE:Birth control pills are a pill that concerns hormones and ovaries, breast cancer does not develop due to such pills.

FALSE:If there is a mass in the breast, the risk of breast cancer increases after this mass is removed.

TRUE: The mass detected in breast cancer should be removed according to the treatment method, and some masses should not remain in the breast egg. This does not mean that the cancer will increase. On the contrary, it is a preventive treatment method.

FALSE:Every woman with breast cancer loses her breast.  

TRUE: Not every woman with breast cancer loses her breast. This changes depending on the condition of the disease.

FALSE:Giving birth or breastfeeding does not reduce the risk of breast cancer.

TRUE: Studies have shown that women who are expectant mothers and breast-feeding women have a lower risk of developing breast cancer. However, this does not mean that these women are not at risk. The easiest way to prevent this condition is early detection. That’s why every woman from the age of 18 should have regular mammograms.

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